Brio in Pembroke Pines, FL

Have you been craving a light Tuscan style meal that is not only fairly priced but worth way more than you are paying? Then Brio Pembroke Pines Tuscan Grille is amazing and is a very welcoming attraction for those who want a sit down meal with friends or as a night out. Located just off of the interstate on SW 5th Street, this little piece of heaven can be found in The Shoppes of Pembroke Gardens. They offer a great many amazing foods that you won't be able to just have one of anything.

The Menu

Depending on the time of day that you go to Brio, you will be able to choose from many different menus. There are 10 menus in all and each one is for either a specific time of day or as a life style preference. These menus include a light menu, gluten free menu, children's menu, catering menu, wine list, bar menu, dessert menu, as well as brunch, lunch, and dinner menus. This will allow you to choose from a wide variety of different dishes that are not only amazing but are highly recommended by the frequent customers.


Many people will go to the Brio or at least rely on them for parties and catering opportunities as their wide selection of menus provides more possibilities for guests. You can also make reservations both online and over the phone to ensure that you are able to plan ahead for those big dates or just ensuring you don't have to wait when planning a business meeting. Pembroke Pines uses the Brio as not only a meeting place for getting together with friends and family, but also for many business ventures in the attempts of impressing your guests. And everyone knows that there is nothing better than amazing food to make an excellent and memorable impression.


No Brio is complete without the use of the MyBRIO app to keep you connected and help you make reservations, make purchases for either dining in or taking out, and rack up reward points to save money. Like many reward cards that you find at coffee places and other restaurants that want to encourage you to come back, the MyBRIO app keeps track of your points and on your 6th visit, you will get $10 off your total bill. Not only is this one of the handiest apps you can add to your smartphone, but it allows you to order your food without needing to call or wait around for it to be done.

Positive Customer Reviews

Brio has been said to be not only the best place to go for getting together with friends and family for an amazing meal, they also have wonderful drinks and cocktails that will have you stuck to the bar all night. There is even a seating/lounge area to help keep you comfortable while you wait for a table or take out. Customers even post pictures of the wonderful interior that not only scream Tuscan inspired restaurant, but that show how clean this Brio restaurant really is. One customer said that their food was not only fresh but the server was gracious and kept their table clear of extra plates and glasses while ensuring the areas around them and other customers was clean. Another customer said that she was seated close by the kitchen and was worried about the things that she may see while eating her dinner and was pleasantly surprised by how clean the kitchen was, even as late in the evening as it was.

Negative Customer Reviews

Some of the worst reviews of Brio have been made when it was first opened as some customers posted these reviews as far back as 2010. One customer said that not only was the open kitchen loud, prices outrageous, but her server was incredibly rude. Another customer said that their food took 2 hours and drinks took 20 minutes, they even had to involve the manager to get other things that had been ordered as the night closed and they had received their bill, which included items that had never showed up. The worst review of 2015 said that the customer was extremely disappointed with the time it took to receive their food and the portions were apparently off as they had received half of any other orders than had in the past at Brio.


Each restaurant has their bad days, and Brio has obviously overcome them. They had nothing but high marks for 2015 thus far and have even made a few great impressions on chain restaurant avoiders. The food and drinks that are available here are one of the best reasons you should visit Brio, and enjoy the flavors of Tuscany.