Broward County Florida Courthouse

The Courthouse (located adjacent to the "Main Jail" facilities of the Broward County detention network) is the major seat of all legal goings-on in the county, and one of the most important government facilities in all of South Florida.

Responsible for processing more than 200,000 cases each and every single year, this court handles criminal as well as civil issues in its facility and also offers a wide variety of other services to the general community as well.

Currently headed by Howard Forman, there are a number of divisional court houses in the county courthouse network that are home to more than 90 judges (and 950 employees), each and every one of them responsible for helping to improve the dispensing of law in this county.

On top of that, the county federal building network provides a wide variety of community services that have to deal with legal documents, legal issues, warrants, marriage licenses, and a handful of other court related documents, and the administration of county legal issues are also handled here within this network.

About Howard Forman

Elected to the office of Clerk of Court in county in the year 2000, Howard Forman has held this office ever since - winning multiple elections to secure his position against opposition.

Born in Pittsburgh in 1946 before moving (permanently) to Florida in 1955, Howard is a graduate of the Miami Beach Senior high school and also attended the University of Miami and the New York Institute of Finance.

Before being elected to his position as the Clerk of Court for the county courthouse network, he served a position as a member of the Hallandale Beach City Commission, spent time on the county commission (acting as chairman in 1980 and 1987), and even spent time in the Florida State Senate - acting as the chair of four different Senate committees throughout his tenure there.

Responsible for leading more than 950 employees in the county federal building network, Mr. Forman, by all accounts, has done a fantastic job, and continues to move the county hall of justice network forward into the 21st century.

Much of the work that he has done has been on the administrative side of the fence, working closely with the Clerk of Court Operations Corporation (including a chair stint from 2007 all the way through to 2010) to make sure that the county legal system is working as effectively and as efficiently as it can.

A lot of this has revolved around pushing more technological advances on to the county justice building network than predecessors were comfortable with, including a major movement to convert from a paper system to an electronic system - a move that not only saves time and increases efficiency across the board, but has also reduced the costs of operating the county justice building network significantly at the exact same time.

Up for reelection soon, it's likely that Howard Forman is going to secure the position once again for another term - and it's likely that he'll continue to serve as the Clerk of Court until he decides to step away from the office.

Broward County hall of justice facilities

Though there are a number of smaller facilities in the network that are responsible for administrative tasks, legal and clerical work, and a host of other programs and community outreach projects, there are four major county hall of justice locations that serve as the "backbone" of the network.

You have the:

  • Courthouse located at 201 SE. 6th St. in Fort Lauderdale
  • North Regional Courthouse at 1600 West Hillsboro Blvd. in Deerfield Beach
  • South Regional Courthouse at 3550 Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood
  • And the West Regional Courthouse at 100 N. Pine Island Rd. in Plantation

Each and every one of those Courthouse offices and facilities are staffed by a roster of county judges and support/administrative employees, each and every one of them working closely with one another to provide the county and the local community with proper legal proceedings.

There are also two other major facilities that are a big part of the county justice building network, and they include the:

  • Lauderdale Lakes Division of Driver Licenses at 3718 W. Oakland Park Blvd. in Lauderdale Lakes
  • And the Margate Division of Driver Licenses is located at 1135 Banks Rd. in Margate

Both of those facilities are going to be able to help community members take care of their driver license needs, any and all other licensing needs, as well as have the opportunity to take advantage of notary public services while at the same time clearing up any and all traffic citations or issues that should be addressed.

Courthouse online services

While the overwhelming majority of people in this county elect to take care of their legal and court issues at a physical location, more and more people are beginning to take advantage of the online services that this courthouse system provides.

Account registration is necessary to take advantage of any of the online services that they provide, but this is available 100% free of charge and an account can be created in about five minutes or so.

These online services include (but certainly aren't limited to):

  • Driver's license reinstatement
  • E-filing of legal paperwork and documents
  • Fine payments
  • Digital downloading of forms and documentation
  • Marriage license information
  • Access to Case Search capabilities
  • And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Each and every one of these county justice building services can be taken advantage of just by creating an account on the official county Courthouse website(, which again should take about five minutes or so of your time and is available to all community members 100% free of charge.

Playing a very important and influential role in the community, it's easy to see and understand why this particular network of court houses, administrative buildings, and more than 950 people are able to operate so efficient money. Howard Forman has things working like a well-oiled machine, and under his leadership things should only continue to get better and better moving forward.