Broward county employment

In this day and economy, jobs can sometimes be difficult to come by. Many people are looking for new employment and just need a little help in finding a job that they enjoy, and that can help them either forward their career, or get them through difficult times.

Luckily, for those who live within Broward County, Florida, there are resources that can help you gain employment through both the county. The trick is to know where to look, and we are here to help you out.

Jobs Working for the County

Broward county doesn't run itself; it needs people working at the county to help it along. Human Resources, Finance, Records and other departments can all be looking for the right people to help run the county.

The website for jobs at county is located at and provides links to a number of resources that you need to help you get working for the county.

  • Part Time Jobs - If you need a part-time job working for the county, you can find a link to all the part-time opportunities that exist within the county. These jobs vary depending on the available position, and wages for all positions within the county are supplied under the "Job Descriptions" section of the county's website.
  • Full Time Jobs - Looking for a full-time job? No problem. The county website also provides a list of available full-time jobs. As with part-time positions, the available jobs can vary depending on openings. Salaries and job descriptions are also provided in the Job Descriptions section.
  • Student/Seasonal - county employment also provides seasonal work, as well as work for students. These positions are included in the part-time opportunity section of the website.

The career section of the county site provides opportunities for everyone from those looking to become bus operators to plumbers to physicians and various departmental managers. If you keep an eye on the county's available jobs, you are sure to find something that you are interested in. Feel free to browse the job descriptions to find something that suits your particular skills and interests.

Compensation and Benefits

Salary pay for each job is highly dependant on the job you are applying for, but the ranges are available on the site, along with the job descriptions. county employees who are eligible for benefits make a living wage minimum of $11.68 per hour. There are certain job classifications that make less, so ensure that you are aware of the salary when you apply.

Benefits such as health benefits, free parking, life insurance, long term disability, and more are supplied to county employees. The county provides seminars to educate its employees on their benefits while working for the county. In addition, employees are also provided with training programs, an employee assistance program, and many others.

Working for county can be a rewarding career. If you are seeking employment with the county, keep an eye on the website, and apply for any jobs that may interest you. Good luck!