Humane Society of Broward County

A major part of the Broward County community, the county Humane Society is a 33,000 ft.² facility that is able to accommodate 300 dogs and cats at any one particular point in time, so they have had the ability to place more than 9000 animals in "forever homes" in 2013 alone!

This makes the county humane community one of the most active of all the humane society facilities in the United States, but also one of the most recognized and awarded facilities because of the tremendous work that they do in their local community.

With more than 150,000 people visiting the county Humane Society each and every single year (and a significant amount of those people deciding to adopt one of the animals currently living in the facility as they are "forever companion"), this is definitely an active "hotspot" in the Broward County region - serving an incredibly important role in doing it very well.

A little bit of information in regards to the Humane Society

As mentioned above, this particular humane community facility is more than 33,000 ft.², and has full air-conditioning throughout the entirety of the shelter (something rather unique to animal shelters in the state of Florida).

Not only that, but this particular facility also has centrally located heating systems for when the South Florida winter dips a bit lower than expected - a "preemptive measure" installed and established in the facility just a few years ago to prevent animals from being exposed to temperatures that they aren't accustomed to.

An open admission shelter (meaning that anyone - ANYONE - has the ability and the option to bring their animal to the county Humane Society for admission into the facility for any reason whatsoever), this particular organization works closely with a number of community leaders and community facilities to find better ways to accommodate stray animals, those that are abandoned by their owners, and those that have been needlessly mistreated by people that shouldn't have had animals in the first place.

Over the last few years, the county humane community has been able to place just about 9000 animals into forever homes with caring and loving people on a pretty much annual basis, and they anticipate placing even more than that in the coming years.

This is because the amount of people visiting the facility (150,000 or so each year) continues to grow, and adoption rates are increasing dramatically as people are looking to become more socially active and adopt animals rather than purchase them outright from "puppy mills" or other unlicensed breeders of animals.

Recognized nationally as a "Leader in Animal Welfare", this is one of the most awarded animal shelters in the United States and a true champion of better lives for animals that have been left behind.

A 100% nonprofit organization (classified under the 501 (c) (3) designation), they receive absolutely no direct funding whatsoever from the United States government, the United Way organization, or any other national or international group that carries the same name.

Instead, they rely on community support and generosity of local community members and companies to help fund the entirety of the operation. They are in no way whatsoever affiliated with groups like PETA, and instead count on the help of community members to support this incredibly important work.

The county Humane Society facilities themselves

At county humane community, there is ample room for more than 300+ dogs and cats to stay at any one point in time, though the overwhelming majority of the animals that come to stay at the county humane community are (happily) quickly adopted and moved out of the facility and into their forever homes.

The facilities are completely and totally heated and cooled through central air conditioning and heating systems, and all of the county Humane Society facilities have recently undergone major upgrades and renovations to make sure that the animals living in them (and the people working in the buildings) are just as comfortable.

Located at 2070 Griffin Road in Fort Lauderdale, they are open Monday through Saturday 8 AM to 7 PM (and on Sundays 8 AM through 6 PM), and can be contacted directly at 954-989-3977.

It's probably best to set up an appointment to visit the facilities, meet the animals available, and see which one really connects with you before you intend to set up and adoption meeting, though you should have no real difficulty moving quickly from the "meet and greet" to an adoption if you really fall in love with one of the furry little visitors that you meet that day.

These facilities also have full-time 24/7 veterinarians in the building, taking advantage of the latest and greatest veterinarian tools and technology to make sure that they are kept in the best possible health around the clock.

A significant amount of the money that is donated through local corporations, companies, and individuals goes to these veterinarian services, as there is always a vet on hand to make sure that the animals are taken care of if they need arises.

Humane Society services

On top of offering a wide variety of adoption services available to people in the south of Florida, the county humane community also has a number of other services that they provide to help support the facilities themselves.

These services include (but certainly aren't limited to):

  • Low-cost space/neuter services for dogs and cats
  • Full vaccinations for dogs and cats
  • Canine and feline health programs
  • Behavioral training for dogs and cats
  • Outdoor exercise facilities for dogs
  • Obedience training for dogs and cats
  • A lost and found network
  • Euthanasia and cremation services
  • Pet loss and grieving help and services
  • And pet friendly lodging for short or long-term situations

This is very much a facility that is serious about trying to make sure that pets or animals that have been abandoned in Broward County are taking care of as best they possibly can be, and that they are connected with people that are ready to take them in and make them the latest furry little family member in their home!