General Inmate Search Information

If ever you should find yourself in the position of needing to conduct a county inmate search or a search for an arrest made in Broward County, the Broward Sheriff's Office (led by Sheriff Scott Israel) has made the process rather simple and straightforward.

Not only is it possible for you to contact the local sheriff's department for information about a recent arrest or jail processing move, but it's also possible for you to visit the Broward County Sheriff's Department website (at and conduct a county inmate search and arrest record check up 100% free of charge through their online platform.

The process repeat doesn't get any easier than this, and the ability to look up this kind of information is available to everyone and anyone that visits the site.

It's an important tool in helping people connect to those close to them that have been processed through the county Sheriff's Department, and in even more important tool for those that need to reach out and contact in inmate in one of the four major county detention facilities that they may not otherwise have the ability to get a hold of.

Investigating arrest/inmate processing information

There are a number of different reasons as to why individuals who want to view arrest and inmate processing information that happens in county, and we will touch on those reasons in just a moment, but for now it's important that you understand exactly how to make this kind of county inmate search should you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to.

The first thing that you'll want to do is visit the website mentioned above (, and navigate to the right hand side of the page where the "Arrest Information" search toolbar is.

From there, you'll want to punch in the identifying information about that individual, or navigate to This will link you to the same arrest record database search that you're looking for, and will give you the opportunity to not only view information about the particular arrest, but also the photograph of those that are currently incarcerated as well as documents about the overall situation that led to their arrest in the first place.

This information is updated every 15 minutes, and provides a real-time link up to all of the county Sheriff Department facilities that are responsible for arrest processing and inmate transfer.

This means that you shouldn't have any real difficulty whatsoever getting up to date information about the arrested individual or inmate that you are looking for, but if you're worried about not being kept completely in the loop you can always contact one of the local sheriff's department offices in your area and ask for someone to verify the details for you.

This is a 100% free service provided to any and all, and gives all citizens the opportunity to find out just a bit more information about anyone and everyone that has been arrested or processed into one of the county detention facilities.

Attorney information access

The county inmate search tool is not intended to be used by attorneys that are representing someone that has been arrested or incarcerated, as there are a number of more efficient ways for them to gain access to more in-depth information regarding these individuals.

Attorneys are encouraged to contact the county Sheriff's Department directly to gain more access and more information than is publicly available, and these details will be made available to them just as quickly as humanly possible.

Not only that, but this direct line of access will also allow attorneys to schedule appointments to meet with those that they are representing as well as other means of communication (including telephone calls), though they should be made aware of the point that all county Sheriff offices have a policy of recording outgoing inmate telephone calls.

Again, attorneys and lawyers should seek out and open line of communication with a local county Sheriff's Department before they use the county inmate search tool available on the Internet.

Visiting or contacting an inmate of a county detention facility

If you are able to use the county inmate search tool and database to find an individual that you're looking for and you would like to open up lines of communication with them - for any variety of different reasons - you're going to want to follow along with the rules of communication established by the Broward Sheriff's Department.

There are a number of rules and regulations in place about bailing/bonding someone out of jail after they've been arrested, personally visiting with them while they are incarcerated and detained, and sending them content through the mail or setting up monetary deposits into their commissary account.

Each and every rule that has been established will have to be followed to the letter or you'll lose the privilege of contacting these detailing individuals, so make sure that you verify with a county Sheriff each and every detail that you are unsure of or unclear about.

It is also important to understand that there are going to be specific times where you will not be able to visit with a contact in inmate of a Broward County detention facility, even at you've got near contact information through the county inmate search database.

These times include (but are not limited to):

  • While they are being processed and going through the criminal intake procedure
  • While they are appearing in court or being transported to or from a courtroom facility
  • Outside of designated the visiting hours that are established by each Broward County detention facility different

It's always a good idea to contact a county Sheriff Department to make sure that you aren't going to be visiting (or hoping to visit) an individual during any of these times, and it's always a good idea to keep track of the county Sheriff Department schedule established for a particular detention facility so that you won't have to keep making these phone calls or checkups in the future.