Broward County Jail Inmate Search

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Someone you care about may end up in jail for an alleged crime. That might mean that you cannot see them as often as you'd like, but that doesn't mean you can't keep up on how they're doing in the mean time. It doesn't take the pain of not seeing your loved one away, but it helps make the adjustment a bit easier.

Using The Broward County Jail Inmate Search

One way that you can check on your loved one is by using the inmate search on the county jail website. The site is relatively easy to use, you just type in the inmates last and first name. From there, if a result is found, you will have a variety of options.

You can get the county phone number and mailing address. You can also get information on how you can bond someone out of jail and the process that follows. On the Broward County prison inmate search section there also gives a lot of information regarding housing so that you get a better understanding of the conditions that your inmate is in. It helps to be able to imagine what they're doing and where they're staying.

Programs Available for Inmates

Another great feature all included in the prison inmate search section is information regarding what sorts of programs are made available to inmates. From Adult Basic Education, to Cocaine Anonymous, and even Parenting and Pre-Release Planning, Broward Jail does a great job of keeping its inmates involved and educated when they are out of mainstream society. Knowing this can give loved ones a peace of mind knowing that their loved ones have opportunities when behind bars.

Using The Jail Mailing Service

One of the most frequently used means of communicating with an inmate is through mail. As you can imagine, the regulations are quite strict because things are attempted to be snuck into the jail that can put guards, inmates, and the general public in danger. The website is very clear on what you can and cannot send. Some items are considered contraband and will not be delivered to the inmate, nor will they be returned. So think twice before sending a personal check or cash to the inmate. Inmates CAN receice letters and cards, but note that they will be opened and read before being delivered.

Care Packs and Card Loading

While you cannot send cash to the inmates through the mail, you can help by purchasing Care Packs. It's a little way of helping out with treats for your inmate that we often take for granted. There is a restriction of care package per inmate per week, and they can be purchased with cash in the lobbies. If you want to provide your inmate with a little bit of spending money on their prepaid card, you can do so through Western Union Quick Collect. The information that you would include is all on the Broward Jail website.

Telephone Calls To The Broward County Jail

Once your inmate gets their housing arrangement, you can confirm this by using the Broward Jail Inmate Search, you can also use the telephone to communicate with them. Unfortunately, they cannot get incoming calls. But they can contact you during designated times. They also cannot get personal messages, so don't rely on leaving a message with someone to get to your loved one. It likely will not happen.

Visiting the Broward County Jail

One of the most anticipated ways of keeping in touch with your loved one is by in person visitation. Each jail facility operates under different visitation hours. Again, you can see where your inmate is being held by finding them on the county prison inmate search. Once you identify where they're held, you can determine what the visitation hours are.

As with anywhere, there are some regulations. During the weekly visitation on two adults may visit. This is because of limited visiting space. You also may not give or take anything from the inmate during the visit. For a full list of the regulations, which sometimes do change, you can keep an eye on the website. Having a loved one behind bars is never easy. But the Broward County Jail does do it's part in making it as easy as possible for the families' and loved ones of the inmates. Just knowing that they're okay, and have services available to them can help the stress of not knowing. It's always the hope that their stay isn't long, but if it is, the jail will be as accommodating as possible for letting you visit and call to help make the best of the situation for both you and your loved one.