Broward Property Search

Taking advantage of the Broward County real estate search capabilities has never been as simple or as straightforward as it is today, in large part thanks to the work done by current Clerk of Court Mr. Howard Forman.

Ever since Mr. Foreman has taken over the Clerk of Court office in 2000 he has pushed for a full digitization of all the public documents that the office is responsible for, and has made sure that all government offices have begun to implement and take full advantage of paperless technology.

This makes it easier today to find county estate search information than it did even just 10 or 15 years ago, giving people the ability to instantly access all of the county real estate search database details from the comfort of their own home on their own devices.

Now, obviously, there are a couple of different things that one will have to check off of their list before they will be able to gain access to the county estate search capabilities, but it is available to all citizens 100% free of charge and requires just a handful of small steps.

Gaining access to property search capabilities

Those that are looking to have the ability to go through all of the county real estate details and records (or any of the other documents and details maintained by the Clerk of Courts) will have to sign up for a digital access account on the official website.

This website can be reached in a variety of different ways (including googling "Broward County Property Search"), but the easiest way is to navigate directly to the home page just by typing in .

From there, you'll simply want to navigate to the "My Account" area at the top of the page, and then follow all of the on-screen prompts required of you to create your own digital access account.

Once that's taken care of and out of the way, you'll simply have you use the "Log In" navigation option (located just two spaces to the right of the "My Account" area mentioned above), input your details, and then begin using the county estate search capabilities you now have access to.

That's it!

That's really all it involves - though you may be required to pay for specific documents or details, depending upon the information that you're looking to gain access to.

If you aren't looking to enjoy digital access to the county real estate search capabilities, but instead want someone to do all of the "heavy lifting" for you (and there's nothing wrong with that), you'll want to stop in and visit any of the county Records Divisions located throughout the area.

These offices are open Monday through Friday, and all it takes is a quick visit and you should be able to enlist their help to find you everything that you're looking for.

Why you would want to gain access to the county estate search capabilities

If you've never looked through the public search database available from the county Clerk of Courts, where if you aren't quite sure of why - or if - you'd need to look through all of the real estate documents and details maintained by this office, you're going to want to pay close attention to the information below.

You see, there are a variety of reasons as to why someone would want to have access to this information, outside of the obvious reason - that you're a citizen of county, and public records belong to you.

Here are just a couple of the more popular reasons that people end up asking for this kind of access.

They are looking to invest in real estate in county

Probably the most popular and common of all the reasons behind why people are looking for access to county public records in the first place, before you purchase any piece of real estate it's important that you verify the information provided to you by the seller by looking at the details maintained by this public office.

These documents and details will need to match up perfectly with the information that you are being provided or else you'll know that there is something fishy going on about a particular transaction - or at least you'll know that a bit more research and due diligence is necessary before moving forward.

They are looking to sell their property in county

As a real estate seller in county, you're going to want to make sure that you have all of your facts and figures perfectly squared away before providing details to motivated buyers.

A quick check through the county estate search database will return you with all kinds of information about not only your particular piece of real estate, but also the properties in your local area that have recently sold (and for how much) and a variety of other critical pieces of detail that could help you maximize your return on investment.

These are just two of the major reasons as to why people look through the county property search database, but it's also useful for tracking down foreclosures before they hit the open market, finding out details about zoning information and property lines, and a lot of other critical details that influence real estate moves throughout the county.

Because it is 100% free to access, all citizens that are serious about real estate in Broward County - and visitors that are thinking about purchasing estate in county - would do well to secure an account that allows them to access this database online.

Again, the process is very simple and straightforward (as outlined above), and should only take about 15 minutes or so to complete.

After that, your access should be nearly instantly granted, and you'll be able to use your log in details and information to begin conducting your own county real estate search through all of the records that they have digitized - records that stretch back more than 40 years or so!