Broward County Records

A critical component of the Broward County government, the Broward County Records Department is responsible for the collection, securing of, and filing of critical documents, official records, government reports, and a whole host of other essential details accessible by the general public - as well as those that are only available through specific security clearances.

Working closely with the Broward County Courthouse clerk's office, the Broward County Sheriff's Department, and a whole host of other government agencies - including the records, taxes, and treasury divisions of the Broward County government - residents, business owners, and even visitors to Broward County will have the opportunity to search through all of the county records made available on the online service as well as through the physical records search.

There are a number of "hoops" that will need to be jumped through by anyone that is looking to take advantage of the search opportunities available at the county records departments (online as well as off), but so long as one meets the minimum criteria for specific access all records will be made available almost immediately.

What kinds of records are being held by Broward County?

There are literally dozens and dozens of different types of records that the county records department is responsible for keeping track of, filing, and granting access to, playing a critical role in the support of the local government as well as each and every single resident of the county itself.

Many of these records are part of the public knowledge base made accessible to any resident of the county, though there are a considerable amount of county records that are sealed off from being viewed by unauthorized parties - though there are specific channels that one can move through to gain access to even these documents.

The kinds of records that are kept by the Broward County facilities include (but certainly aren't limited to)

  • Liens, bonds, and other real estate information
  • Deeds for property
  • Domestic partnerships and marriage records
  • Fee schedules
  • Foreclosure sales
  • Notices of commencement
  • Criminal record information

... And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

As mentioned above, access to these county records are freely available just by using the online search platform, though you could also report to a number of the local Broward County Courthouse is in your area and ask for physical access to records and files.

Not many people go that route these days (mostly because of the inconvenience factor), but it's nice to know that you'll still have the opportunity to go down and get notarized hardcopies of the information that you need to take advantage of.

How does one search through all of the county records available?

Searching for specific county records is no longer a major headache and hassle for a variety of different reasons.

For starters, Howard Forman (the Clerk of Courts in Broward County) has made a major effort to move just about every part of the Broward County government away from traditional paper filing systems and into electronic filing systems.

This has had a two-pronged effect.

On the one hand, it's now a lot less expensive to store all kinds of documents that may have otherwise been eliminated after specific periods of time had passed, and on the other hand, it's now a lot easier to search through all of these documents without wasting any precious manpower.

Individuals are going to have the opportunity to perform official Broward's County record searches through the online website provided at, so long as they create an account on the platform and verify a couple of critical pieces of personal information.

The documents that are available to be searched on the county records website include documents that were filed from the present day all the way back to January 1 of 1978 - though the office continues to try and digitize documents that are still stored in physical form in the office from time periods that predate January 1, 1978.

Signing up for an account to search county records

As mentioned above, it will be necessary to sign up for an account with the county records department before you'll have access to search all of these records, but that's really rather simple and straightforward.

All you have to do (as in individual or an organization) is become a registered agent of the county records Taxes and Treasury Recording office.

This is possible for any individual living in Broward County, as well as a number of organizations, businesses, or other groups that would like to have access to these public records.

All that's necessary to sign up for an account with the county records Department is to send an email to, and someone from the records office will contact you just as soon as humanly possible.

There's absolutely no fee required to access any of these records, and you will have the opportunity to fully search all of the records that are contained within the database just as soon as you are granted access.

Visiting one of the local county offices for physical searches

Of course, if you're looking for documents that were recorded before January 1, 1978 (or just want to make sure that you can get your hands on a physical copy of the documents that you're looking for), you'll want to visit any of the major county offices to begin that process.

You'll want to head to any one of these locations to get started:

Main Tax Office
115 South Andrews Ave.
Governmental Center Annex
Room A100
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Main Recording Office
115 South Andrews Ave.
Broward County Governmental Center
Room 114
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Walk In County Operated Tag Office
1800 NW. 66th Ave.
Suite 101
Plantation, Florida
Tourist Development Tax Office
115 South Andrews Ave.
Broward County Governmental Center
Room A 110
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Armed with this information, you should have no real difficulty whatsoever finding all of the county records you're after!