Broward County Public Schools

The public school system of this sunny, Florida State county is America's sixth largest. Within the State of Florida, the Broward County school system ranks at number two in terms of size. If you're interested in learning more facts about county schools, you'll find that our practical guideline provides plenty of relevant information.

Since Broward County, Florida has a population of 1.839 million people, based on 2013 census information, its school system is a large one which educates students from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Basic Facts and Information

Known as BCPS for short, Broward County Public Schools currently have more than two hundred and sixty thousand young and teenage students. In terms of adult students, more than one hundred and seventy thousand students attend schools in the county.

At present, there are two hundred and thirty eight educational facilities, which include schools, tech colleges and learning centres. In addition, there are one hundred and two charter-type schools.

Committed to diversity, this Florida school system hosts students from over two hundred foreign nations. These students speak one hundred and thirty five different languages.

Social Media Presence Information

This school system makes it simple for students, parents and guardians to stay in the loop, by maintaining a strong and positive social media presence. The school system has an official Twitter account, under the handle, @Browardschools, and it is also represented on the Facebook social media interface.

Lastly, this school system offers a convenient software application for mobile devices, which may be downloaded by those who wish to access timely and sensible information about the school system and its myriad services.

For more information on this valuable and cutting-edge mobile app service, be sure to drop by the official Broward schools website, which is found at the following url:

Personnel Information for this School System

As of January 2015, the school employs more than fourteen thousand teachers. The complete number of staff members (teachers and non-teachers) is greater than twenty five thousand.

Examples of school system staff members for Broward County include clerical workers, teachers, principals, substitute teachers, teaching assistants and guidance counsellors (to name just a few). Maintenance and janitorial staff, bus drivers and other forms of workers are also employed by this Florida school system.

Types of Schools in this Florida County

Elementary Schools, Middle Schools and High Schools are two examples of schools found in this county. Elementary Schools are for younger students and these may offer pre-K programs, in addition to typical kindergarten programs.

Middle schools are for those who've completed elementary schools successfully. After successful completion of middle school, students move on to High School, where they are able to take more challenging courses which are designed to help them prepare them for their adult careers.

In the last year of high school, students will be encouraged to forge educational pathways for post-secondary education. Examples of post-secondary educational options include college, tech school and community college.

Tech colleges are also part of the Broward school System, as are learning centers and charter schools. Tech colleges typically offer two-year degree programs, which are known as Associate's Degree programs, and technical schools focus on teaching students the skills that they will need in order to become employed in certain trades.

Learning centers vary in terms of curriculum, but offer students access to vital information. Typically, these centers provide continuing education to adult students.

Charter schools are funded by public resources, but they are independent in terms of operating under detailed charters which are created by educators, parents and/or community groups. These schools must provide educational services according to the rules of the charter, under the "umbrella" of the Broward school System.

County school Board Data

As of January 2015, the Superintendent of Broward County's school board is Rob Runcie. He works alongside other school board members in order to direct the entire school system in the county, which is comprised of seven different districts.

Other school board members include Ann Murray for District One, Patricia Good for District Two and Katherine Leach for District Three. Each district has one board member, and there are two "at-large" or district-wide positions, which are presently held by Donna Korn and Robin Bartleman.

About the Official BCPS Website

The official BCPS website features plenty of resources for parents, guardians and students. In particular, students will benefit from checking out the website, as it details some interesting and helpful programs which are just for them.

Examples of special programs and resources which are offered at the website, and which are meant to help students learn more effectively (and to follow the school system's rules), include a Virtual Counselor service, a Code of Student Conduct, online textbooks, grad schedules and more.

Parents may learn more about the school system and what is expected of their children by utilizing the website's parent-oriented resources. These practical web pages detail school bus stops and schedules, grad information, bullying resources and a virtual guide for parents, along with plenty of other sensible resources.

Comprehensive and easy to understand, the myriad resources located at this official website will allow everyone to stay informed and to stay on the same page. In addition to providing this important service, the website also highlights special educational events which happen during the school year. For example, the website currently features a video about the latest Hispanic Heritage Month celebration.

Employment Information for BCPS

Those who wish to seek out employment with BCPS will also find that the website is the best place to access current job postings, as well as a host of related information. Since this school system is large and does require a very high staffing level of over 25,000 people, new opportunities come up frequently. Benefits are available to certain forms of staff members, such as full-time teachers. However, such benefits may not be available to part-time or auxiliary staff. The website includes data about benefits.

Job postings will be divided into two categories - instructional and administrative/non-instructional.