Broward Tax Collector

If you live in Broward County, the odds are pretty fantastic that your life has at least in some way been impacted by the Tax Collector office.

Responsible for a number of services and revenue collection in all of county, this department works closely with the rest of the county governmental agencies to make sure that the county is running efficiently (at least as far as finances are concerned).

The county Tax Collector office is also a major records keeping division, and contributes a considerable amount of publicly accessible information to the county Clerks Department on an annual basis.

Obviously, it would be best if you never had to meet an agent of the county fiscal office (only because those meetings are usually going to bear some pretty bad news), but if you ever do find yourself needing to take advantage of the services provided by this department - or want to avail yourself of the ability to search through county fiscal records - you're going to want to pay close attention to all of the details included in this quick guide.

What the Broward Tax Collector office is responsible for

Serving as the main arm of revenue collection and county record keeping in all of county, the county fiscal Office was officially re-organized as part of the Finance and Administrative Services Department in 2009.

This reorganization was conducted for one reason and one reason only - to better streamline the services provided by the county fiscal, and to make sure that everyone in county government was able to get access to the records and information they needed in real time to make better informed decisions going forward.

This means that the county fiscal was given a new name (the Broward County Records, Taxes, and Treasury Division - RTT for short), though they perform the same kind of services that they did in the past, albeit under a different organizational structure.

The overwhelming majority of the services that the county Tax Collector is responsible for (responsibilities we will touch on in just a moment) are available directly online, just by accessing the website at navigating to the fiscal or RTT navigational option available on the website.

Some of the services that this particular office is responsible for (but certainly not the only services that they provide) include:

  • Administrative treasury services that include bank reconciliation and budget analysis for the county
  • The collection of residential and commercial property taxes, local business taxes, and a number of other ancillary taxes as decreed by law
  • Compliance measurements to make sure that county is always in compliance with state law as far as the dissemination and collection of public records are concerned
  • The collection and recording of different documents (public as well as private) into the county official records database
  • Making available public and private records to citizens, community members, and other individuals/organizations that are looking for access to set records
  • Archival of public documents and tracking of official Broward commission minutes
  • Acting as the agent of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
  • And the processing of United States passport applications

As you can see from the list above (and that's just barely beginning to scratch the surface), the RTT Office is rather busy.

There are also a number of other services that this particular office is responsible under the RTT umbrella, and they include:

  • Responsibilities as far as renewal/registration, and issuance of motor vehicle tags and titles in the state of Florida are concerned
  • Complete document control of local government minutes, resolutions, and proposals
  • Compiling a complete record searching and documentation databases made available to the general public
  • The management of internal records
  • Revenue collection at the local level

Again, that's not all that the RTT is responsible for, but it just gives you a bit of a look at how much this particular office is really responsible for, and the kind of work that they have on their plate on a regular and routine basis.

Services performed by the Broward Tax Collector

There are a variety of different reasons that an individual wants to seek out the services made available by RTT divisions, but the number one reason that people seek out these departments or individuals is because they want to search through the records database that the office manages.

Whether people are looking to handle tax issues, registered their vehicles, apply for hunting and fishing licenses, or just look through public records to verify information that they need to confirm makes little difference.

All of these requests will need to go through the RTT, though processing these requests is considerably easier today thanks to the use of technology and the move to an almost completely digital filing system.

Setting up appointments to meet with the Broward County Tax Collector

Should you need to take advantage of the services that are provided by the RTT, you'll either want to use the web services available at or you'll want to set up and schedule a meeting with an agent of the county fiscal at your earliest possible convenience.

This is possible by scheduling an appointment through any of the service locations in the RTT network, locations that include:

  • The Broward RTT Division at 1800 NW. 66 Avenue in plantation, Florida
  • The Broward RTT Division at 115 South Andrews Ave. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • The Documentary Taxes Office of the Florida Department of Revenue at 2410 Allen Rd. in Tallahassee, Florida
  • The Public Official Records of Broward at 115 South Andrews Ave., Room 114, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Each of those physical locations will not only be able to provide you with the information that you're looking for, but they'll also be fully staffed by tax collector agents that should be able to help you in any way that you require moving forward.