Car rentals in Fort Lauderdale.

Okay, so you need a temporary car in Fort Lauderdale. Whether you are a local that just needs an alternative ride, or someone who is flying into town, you have quite a few options for car rental. Fort Lauderdale's international airport hosts no less than 11 car renters in the terminal, with another four renters within a mile and a half of the terminal.

Here, you can find some information about how to find the best renter in city from whom to get your rental car. Keep in mind that rates and services will vary from company to company. Before you visit the sites or call for rental quotes, you should definitely know some things beforehand.

Extra Costs

Be aware of the fact that the extra taxes and fees of a car rental can be as much as 20%-30% of the full price. Don't just look at a quoted daily price and extrapolate from that figure. Use your own judgment on whether or not to purchase the supplemental renters' insurance that the renter will offer. Yes, it can be costly, but it may keep you from running into financial liabilities in the event of a traffic accident. If you carry a full comprehensive plan, ask your insurance company how it will apply to a rental. If you are one of the many people that only carry state-mandated minimums for legal insurance, then you especially may want to consider the supplemental coverage. Most renters will be fine and not have to worry about the headaches of an accident in their rental car, but they remain a possibility. When making your choice about supplemental insurance coverage consider things such as inclement weather or traffic density before you pass on the coverage.

What you should know Before Shopping

Know where you want to pick up the rental and then where you need to return it, basically whether you are using it around town, or plan to take a trip by car. If possible, know to the hour when you need to obtain a car and when you will be able to return it. Know ahead of time what you can afford to pay for supplemental insurance if you have chosen to take the coverage.

Try to have a little flexibility when it comes to what type of car you wish to rent. You may find that certain renters have a glut or a shortage of certain vehicle types. Those variances in stock available could mean a deal on a different class of vehicle, or limited options for you. Know what types of vehicle and what price ranges are acceptable. The best way to go into shopping is to have your limits clearly defined ahead of time. Knowing what you want to spend in total will help you get a quote that gets you what you the most ideal car that you can afford for a certain amount of time.

Shopping Around

You may be able to get better deals through specialty service websites that specialize in car rental or travel, so don't neglect taking a look through those sites. They offer a relatively easy way for you to shop and compare prices. One site that serves as a pretty good starting point is the Kayak page for Fort Lauderdale rentals. Just remember that you should click through and not take quotes at face value because of how much pricing may vary. From that site, you can compare the pricing options across major travel and rental services that will often be polling their information from the same 11-15 renters in the immediate area of the airport.

Shopping around online is the best way to get your price, but you could always deal with individuals companies over the phone if you prefer actually speaking to a representative instead of using online questionnaires to get quotes and make reservations, you can reach any legitimate renter individually by their number listed on their website or from a local telephone directory.

There are other places besides what is just at the airport; it may be a better deal for you to go with another local renter. Remember that you might be able to find a better deal from one of the many renters on A1A and SW 24th Street adjacent to the airport. Take the time to poll the renters away from the terminal to see if you have the option of sacrificing a little bit of convenience for a lower overall cost.


Use the information on what your limits and preferences are, and then go through the process of finding the renter that will give you what you want for the price you want. Don't let your trip or your daily life suffer from the loss of an automobile, snag yourself a car rental. Fort Lauderdale has the services you'll need to stay on the go.