Entertainment: Cinemark Pembroke Pines

The Cinemark Paradise 24 theater is located at 15601 Sheridan Road on the northern border of Pembroke Pines near Davie, and just west of I-75. If you want to take in a movie while in Pembroke Pines, the Cinemark is likely to have the show you want to catch. With 24 screens, all of Hollywood's top titles are sure to be scheduled for a showing time that will suit your availability.

Not just a Silver Screen

As the years have rolled on, and we have come half way into the second decade of the 21st century, the experience of attending a movie in a theater has changed. The Cinemark offers the XD movie experience. The XD experience utilizes specialized seating and sound arrangements that ensure that every seat in the theater gets an intense sensory experience that goes beyond the huge screen. With a screen that extends from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall, you can let yourself fall into a more complete theatrical experience. The Cinemark offers you much more than a dark room with a big screen and loud sound with XD theaters. Also, don't worry about sitting behind a hat and missing the show, because all seating in the Cinemark is stadium-style seating.

Much More than a Moving Picture

Some theaters at the Cinemark offer the High Frame Rate viewing option. Most theaters work with the cinematic standard of 24 framed per second, but when you experience a movie in a High Frame Rate (HFR) format, you will actually be seeing 48 frames every second. The eye works well with translating 24 frames into a fluid picture, but with the doubled framerate, your brain doesn't have to parse together as much, and you will be able to tell a real difference in the fluidity of motion, and have a much more immersive experience when viewing a movie in the HFR format. When you combine HFR with XD formats, you will be sure to have a wonderfully immersive experience.


People don't always have full faculty of their senses, and the Cinemark would like to assure you that even people with deficiencies in mobility, vision, or hearing are welcome to attend and enjoy a theatrical experience. People with hearing impairment can make use of provided listening devices, neck loop listening devices, or closed captioning to make sure that they are not missing out on anything that everyone in the theater is enjoying. For those with vision difficulties, there are descriptive narration devices on the premises for visually-impaired movie-goers. For those people that require a wheelchair or other wheeled conveyance for mobility will enjoy the wheelchair accessibility of the theater.

Easy Purchasing Options

The Cinemark has taken the steps to ensure a great experience for you from the time you walk into the lobby until the time you leave. If you don't want to deal with lines at the ticket booth, you could order tickets ahead of time from fandango, or skip right past the box office and go straight to a kiosk that offers self-ticketing services. At the kiosk, you can pick up tickets that you have ordered on the internet, or pay with either credit card or gift card. You even have the option to reserve certain seating arrangements, so if you have your heart set on any particular seating area, you can reserve a ticket for those areas when placing your order. If you had planned to see your movie, you can skip a lot of the waiting in line by using advanced ordering or the self-ticketing kiosk.


Seniors can enjoy any movie at any show time on Mondays for only $7.15, and anyone who wants to take in the matinee showing of a film can catch the first show of the day at only $7.15, as well. Tuesday is also Discount Day at Cinemark; all tickets to all shows all day are available for only $6.50. If you are looking to treat a lot of people to a movie, you can purchase super saver tickets in increments of 10 over 50 (50, 60, 70, etc.). This is a good way to reward employees, show customer appreciation, or for promotional and marketing use. You can even buy super saver concession vouchers that allow your guests to have one junior-size popcorn and a small drink to go with their film. For more information on super saver packages, call 1-800-CINEMARK (1-800-246-3627) for more information and pricing options.

You are welcome to visit the Cinemark Paradise 24 for yourself and enjoy an immersive theater experience for your next box office craving. If you have any questions that have not been addressed here, feel free to call at (954) 680-3495. If you would prefer to check the site, you can look for show times and other information here.