Coral Springs Aquatic Complex

Most people hear "aquatic" and automatically think of water, whales, and fish. This is an accurate thought; however it doesn't begin to cover the activities that you can find at aquatic complex. Regardless of what you're interested in doing, chances are there's an activity for you. Here are just some of the activities that the aquatic complex offers.

Swim Lessons

This first activity does, in fact have to do with water. Teaching your child to swim and introducing them to water is highly beneficial and a wonderful safety precaution. Plus, getting into the pool yourself, no matter how old you are can be enjoyable and stress relieving too.

Even if you're an adult and want to perfect your swimming technique, there are classes for more advanced swimmers.

Advanced Swim Technique

You're not a child anymore, and you've mastered treading water and the breaststoke. You want to step up your swimming game and get a bit more. Hop into the pool and learn the advanced swimming methods. You could be the next Michael Phelps.

Lifeguard Training

You love the beach. You love the pool. You love the lake. You also want to help people and prevent tragedy. Being a lifeguard is a rewarding experience that you could look into. aquatic complex offers lifeguard certification and training so that you can officially be the hero of the swimming pool.

Senior Fitness Classes

With age does not have to come unhealthiness. Being a senior citizen can be challenging as the body changes, but you can keep it limber and moving by joining a senior fitness class. Get a handle on stiff muscles and keep yourself in shape in your golden years while spending time with other seniors who are looking to do more a little more than just sit at home.

Water Aerobics

Working out isn't just a dry land or gym activity. Use the resistance of water to your benefit and get a workout in water aerobics. This is a great way for natural born water-lovers to keep fit, tone up, or just get a little bit of movement into your routine while enjoying the pool.


Dance. Sweat. Feel the burn. Zumba is a highly energetic dance-based fitness class that will have you moving and shaking and burning calories. You'll do a number of dance styles, learn short routines, and put them to up-beat, high-energy music. Try doing Zumba without smiling. It's almost impossible. Classes are available throughout the week, and you can check the website for times and information.

Fitness Center

The fitness center at aquatic complex is 7500 square feet of health and fitness. There are a variety of machines; elliptical, treadmills, stairmasters, stationary bikes, and more. There are also free weights rooms with hammer strength and body masters. Whether you're looking for cardio or muscle building, you'll find what you need at the fitness center. If you're interested in having a personal trainer who can help you to determine what exercises and equipment you need to use to get the most benefit, you can also inquire about having one help you.


If you're an aspiring diver and love the art of power plunging into the pool, you can enjoy the diving training area. Recently the diving area has been upgraded with a geothermal heating and cooling system. There are also diving lessons available if you're wanting to get into the competitive sport and learn how to twist and turn mid air.

Synchronized Swimming

This Olympic-style sport is something you have to see to enjoy. If you're interested in joining a class or team, or even if you just want to sit on the sidelines and watch the beauty and grace of swimmers doing impressive routines to music, you can get more than your fill of synchronized swimming at the aquatic center.

The Swim Shop

So, this one isn't an activity, unless you count shopping. This swim shop is a great source for all of your swimming gear and apparel. High School Teams, Recreational Teams, and College Teams can also order all of their apparel from the swim shop. It's the go-to-spot for anything you could possibly need, all in one place.

Coral Springs Aquatic Center is a world renowned facility that is known for its ability to host dozens of competitions from water polo to diving and synchronized swimming. If you're a fitness fan and happen to love water sports, then having a membership is absolutely worth it. Whether you're in it for basic lessons on how to swim or you're a seasoned, competitive athlete who needs a place to train and practice, aquatic complex will not disappoint. If you want even more information on the sports, activities, lessons and classes that are available at the Aquatic Center, then you can check out their website for all of the details.