Coral Springs Gymnasium

The Gymnasium is a 36,000 square foot facility that opened its doors in the spring of 2000. The gym can be used as a venue that will seat over a thousand spectators, and seating could be opened by an additional 500 seats for a main event. There are three full size high school basketball courts and four meeting rooms that can be used to host classes. The city gym is also the host of the annual Kreul Classic High School Basketball Tournament that draws 32 teams from all around the United States.

Venue Rental

If you are a member of a group that would like to rent a portion of the venue, then there are different pricing options available to non-profit and for-profit groups. A stadium court (including bleachers and scoreboards) will cost non-profit groups only $75 an hour, while for-profit groups can expect to pay $125 for an hour of exclusive use. If you want to use one of the 4 class rooms, non-profit organizations can rent the spaces at the rate of $22 per hour per full room, or $11 an hour for a half room. For-profit organizations may rent a full room for $43 an hour, or a half room for $22 an hour. Open play on the courts is also available for two dollars per person.


If you haven't been by the city gym, you should stop by and see what programs are on offer at the venue. There is a large selection of activities that people can use for personal enrichment, and they are offered on the premises. You probably know that there are programs at your gymnasium that range from standards like karate and cheerleading to more obscure gym classes like etiquette, several types of dancing, and brain boost. There are a lot of programs on offer for adults and children, and there may be a program that either you want to attend, or would like to send your child to attend. When you are in the area, you should stop by the city gym (2501 Coral Springs Drive in Coral Springs) or give them a call to find out what programs you may want to enter. You can also call the gym at (954) 345-2200.

Why Choose city gym as a Venue?

If you want to put together your own event like a tournament or any such event where you would like to use the large gymnasium, consider making the Coral Springs Gymnasium your final choice. Aside from the ample space and rental prices that are reasonable, you will also find that the city gym is located within minutes of local accommodations and amenities. If you plan to have a recurring event, then it will be important that those in attendance have a good experience, and being near to their accommodations and amenities will help the gym stand out as a good venue when they consider attending again in the future.


The gymnasium is not, in and of itself, anything remarkable. It exists as a place for things to happen. The idea of a venue is that it can be defined by how it is used. There is definitely the potential for more than basketball in the 36,000 square feet of the gymnasium. You can speak with the staff for other purposes if you see a different way that you would like to use the expansive building. Don't get stuck thinking inside the box and treating this like a place just to go to drop into quick basketball games. Think of your way to utilize the space and see what the gym staff has to say about your idea. You may want to use the gym as the location for large events like award ceremonies or large-scale meetings. The only way that you know whether or not you can employ this large space to host your event is to see what you can do.

Contact and Information Resources

If you would like to visit the website for the gymnasium for yourself, this is the site for general information. From here, you can find the contact information and get pricing information directly from the source. As in most situations, the best way to evaluate the gym is to drop by in person. Between meeting with the staff and physically inspecting the place, you will be able to see what you think about using it for your purposes. The best resource collection method is to gather data with your own senses at the physical address at 2501 Coral Springs Drive. If you need to schedule a visit, call ahead to make sure you will be able to speak to gym staff that can answer your questions. The telephone number is (954) 345-2200. Check out the gymnasium, and see if you want to host your event there, or take part in any of the programs that already utilize the space.