City of Coral Springs High School

Coral Springs High School has been open since 1975, and currently serves approximately 2300 to 2800 students annually. The school's educational aptitude is indicated by the 2012 FCAT score of "A". The school falls under the direction of Principal Susan Leon-Long, who ensures the good standing of the school as a top quality public high school.


Coral Springs High School Tests near the district and state averages for math and reading, but does offer the Advance Placement program of class work and exams through which students may earn college credit upon completion with adequate test scores. The percentage of participation in the Advanced Placement Program at school is 32%. The current student to teacher ratio is only 21:1, meaning that the faculty is not particularly overburdened by the amount of students. Overall testing scores are average, with no exceptionally low or high areas of performance.

The school does have a history of good academic performance that has included many National Merit Scholars, in addition to teachers that have been recognized at the state and local levels as some of the best. School ACT and SAT scores tend to fall close to the State Medians, above the averaged scored of their district. Overall, has the school rated as 6/10, while rates the school as 5/10.

Student Clubs and Organizations

Students at school have the option to join in over 40 sponsored student clubs. From yearbook to American Sign Language: from Robotics to Chorus, there is sure to be at least one club of which students may want to become a part. All clubs have a faculty member to help guide the students along pursuits relevant to the club. A full list of the available clubs and activities can be found on the school's site, and club descriptions can be read if available.


The student body of Coral Springs High school is quite diverse, with "minorities" holding a 70% plurality of the school population. With 30% white attendees, 37% black attendees, and 23% Hispanic attendees, as well as a small percentage of other ethnicities, school provides an ethnically diverse learning environment for its students.

Notable Events

There is an annual Mayor's Cup, which is the pairing of the school Colts against the football team of J.P. Taravella High School. Amusingly, the school also participates in the annual Pig Bowl against the football team of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, after which, the principal of the losing school must kiss a pig.

Overall Impression

The experience of attending a school cannot be summed up by looking at any one particular facet of the school's performance. Test scores alone do not determine the success of teachers in reaching their students, and less than stellar performance in any one area does not spell disaster for any institution. In the end, It is all about how the students and their parents feel about the time students spend at a school that should be considered when trying to form an opinion on a school. Although the statistics paint a picture of a relatively normal secondary school experience, the students and parents of students that have attended the school paint a better picture.

Students often make specific comments about the safety they feel at school, sometimes making note of security personnel that are personable and unobtrusive. The overall atmosphere that students report is one of safety and tolerance, without extremely clique-driven social circles. What a student takes away from school has just as much to do with learning social behaviors as test performance.

Due to the sad way that schools must pass specific tests now, critical thinking and problem solving are not taught as much as they should be, generally. That is not as much the fault of the school, as the fault of the way that funding is not tied directly to the scores that a school produces on standardized testing. Yes, any public school will now have much more rote memorization than parents remember from their time in school. This is just the way a public school has to operate in order to retain funding.

Overall, students report that they enjoy their time at school. Without excessive peer pressure or safety concerns, students do learn more than the list of facts that will secure funding. There are teachers at school that make lasting impressions on students, and there are parents who gladly put multiple children through that school without batting an eye.

If you want to learn about a school, remember to look at more than just the statistical data that you find. Look at what the people that attend have to say, look at what the parents of students think about their children's educational experience.