Coral Springs Hospital / Broward Health

For any kind of medical treatment, there are many services offered at hospital which is also known as Broward Health. This government Broward Health hospital cares for the Coral Springs community and is considered one of the best hospitals in the area. While their services offered are broad, including various recovery programs and surgical services, they also possess rates that are much better than the national averages of other hospitals in the country.


Coral Springs Hospital offers numerous services to provide their patience with the utmost care and assistance in the healing process. These services include Breast Cancer Screening, HIV-AIDS Services, Health Screenings, Support Groups, and an Oncology department. There are even services that specifically ensure the health of infants and children through their Neonatal Intensive Care, Nutrition programs, Pediatric Intensive Care, and Pediatric Medical Surgical staff. While there are even more services available at Broward Health hospital, their continuous goals is to provide the care that is needed by their patience around the clock to help them recover and get well as quickly as possible.

Survey Ratings

Many patients have already visited hospital and have rated it thoroughly to provide the Broward Health hospital with the best feedback on where they and their staff need improvements. 58% of patients who have visited this Broward Health hospital for treatment provided it with a 9 or 10 overall while 29% gave a 7 or 8. Other ratings for communication consisted of 70% of patients receiving well communicated information to help ensure they understand their care and 20% felt that this information was usually communicated properly. And no hospital would be able to run properly without their nursing staff to check on these patients as 68% said that these nurses communicated well while 23% said they usually communicated care information well. There are many more amazing ratings that this hospital has received about not only the staff but the care and facilities as well to prove they are determined to show their patents the best level of care possible.

What Counts?

When choosing a Broward Health hospital of any kind for any reason, there are a few things that you should look for that hospital has proven to be great at. First is proper care of their patients both inpatient and outpatient. Reviews are some of the best ways to decide on the care provided as well as survey results and statistics. Second, if you are able to take a tour of the hospital before any inpatient care services, attend a tour to get a look at how the nurses treat the patients, how doctors interact with their patients, and even see the levels of cleanliness. Finally feel free to ask the staff quest

ons about your care, if they stop to provide you with the information or offer to retrieve it for you, then you can rest easy knowing you are in excellent hands.

There have been stories in the news that have been focused around improving the facilities at hospital to help ensure they continue to provide the best possible care to their patients. As part of a 4-hospital system, hospital has been approved to make $56 million dollars in improvements to raise the number of available beds in the Broward Health hospital from 196 to 250. These beds will be added to many different inpatient care areas such as surgery, post-partum rooms within the maternity ward, and the relocation of the neonatal intensive care unit to put it closer to the maternity ward. This move of the neonatal ICU will make mothers feel more at ease while they recover about their child's care while keeping them close enough for the mothers to check on them when they feel the need.

These improvements are being made to hospital at a very crucial time as many other hospitals are closing up their inpatient facilities and adding onto their ambulatory facilities. Hospital intends to begin this multi-million dollar project in June and July of 2016 and finish these renovations and improvements sometime in 2018. It has even been said that these improvements will provide the Broward Health hospital with even more abilities to ensure the care of patients is nothing but the best and it is expected that the patient count of the hospital is expected to increase. hospital has even said that they will continue to renovate and make the hospital even better over time with other expansions and improving care.


From the patient reviews and survey results and the determination for improvements that hospital has been showing proves that this hospital is one of the best in the state. Research shows that in comparison to many other hospitals in the country today have been slipping on many different necessities that are included in patient care, while Coral Springs Hospital is showing that they intend to correct any issues they may have and increase their ability to care for patients properly.