Broward Health Coral Springs, FL

Opened in 1987, the Coral Springs Medical Center is home to over 50 medical specialties as it is located in the North Broward Hospital District. They offer a range of services that include both general medical care and surgical services to their patients within Broward County, Florida. This small part of the non-profit health system of the community has partnered with over 30 health care facilities and possesses nearly 200 beds within its facilities to fulfill the need of the surrounding area.


Some of the services that hospital offers include many different things from community education, community outreach, rehabilitation, and so much more. Each of these services is offered by doctors that have specialized and possess years of experience and knowledge in their specified fields. This allows patients to feel at home and welcome during their stay at the hospital and provides a higher standard of care for the area.


The staff at medical center has been said to be considered some of the best as there are 301 full time and 100 part time registered nurses, as well as 2 full time and 2 part time licensed practical nurses. All 11 of the physicians and dentists are considered part time as they or their official offices have partnered with hospital to assist in providing the best care possible for their patience to ensure their well-being and health are of top priority.


One of the best things about hospital is their continuous involvement in their community to ensure the health and well-being of their neighbors within the community are being cared for. They offer many classes to help educate the people within their county about such things as senior wellness, CPR classes, breastfeeding, birthing, various safety, and other important care classes. There are even bereavement classes to help the family and friends of their patience coop with the loss of their loved ones including specific groups for breast cancer support.


If you are looking for a hospital that offers various benefits to its community, then take a closer look at Medical Center. They offer a variety of community style events and gatherings to ensure that the community is both happy and healthy. These events include lectures, screenings, senior services, and so much more to ensure that the people in the surrounding area know and understand that their local community hospital is there to help them whenever they need it. This gives the community a brighter outlook on future health endeavors that the hospital wishes to make as well as the level of professionalism and care that they provide.

Positive Patient Reviews

There are many reviews that can be found online by many patients of the hospital and approximately 95% of all patients would recommend the center to those who they know. One city resident said that she had an amazing experience and it has greatly improved over the years in terms of the care that they provide and the efficiency that they handle their patience. She noted that she was in and out within about an hour and a half with little wait and was able to leave with her medications in hand. Another patient said that she visits her primary care provider here for her checkups and has had many amazing experiences with not only her doctor but also the staff that she has interacted with. Other patients have commented on the wound care that they have received there and how they have been there numerous times and received the utmost care and treatment available.

Negative Patient Reviews

Some of the patients that received care at city Medical Center said that it was outrageous. One patient said that he was bitten by a dog and while filling out the paperwork for animal control, had left the bottom portion blank as it was intended for an animal control officer to fill out. The nurse that he had decided to take it upon herself to fill in this bottom half and even asked if the patient took off the dog's head. His treatment was pretty basic, including a cleaning of the wound and tetanus shot, however he was rather displeased by the lack of understanding by the nurse. Another patient said that it was the worst care and experience she had ever received at a hospital as the doctors were so unprofessional, and another patient said that they released the medical records of a minor girl to an incarcerated predator. While some of the bad experiences could have been caused by misunderstandings or other occurrences that were out of the Medical Center's control. Others give the impression of unknowledgeable staff.