Information about the Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Ft LauderdaleFort Lauderdale is a city in Florida State. This American city is situated along the Atlantic coastal region and it is located thirty-seven kilometers north of the city of Miami. The city has a population of over one hundred and sixty-five thousand people and it is part of Broward County.

Known for its long-time status as a world-class destination for sun-seeking tourists, FT Lauderdale is home to stunning beaches, five-star accommodations, national parks, museums and so much more. Each year, the city hosts more than twelve million tourists. City officials collect taxes from these visitors - such taxes are known as "bed taxes" upon hotel room fees, and these funds are utilized in order maintain and improve the community.

At present, as of January 2014, this city has five hundred and sixty-one hotels and motels. Thirty-five thousand rooms are available to tourists. City attracts plenty of tourist income via cruise ships. In other words, it's a popular port of call! As well, the area offers impressive golf courses, marinas, nightlife and shopping.

History of FT Lauderdale

This city got its name from a variety of forts which were constructed by the US during a conflict known as the 2nd Seminole War. Forts built during this time period were named for a commander, William Lauderdale. It took five decades for the city to develop after this war ended.

Before the city was founded, the area was the home of Tequesta Indian tribes. However, these tribes suffered terrible consequences when Spanish explorers came on the scene, during the sixteenth century.

Due to living in close proximity with the Spanish, a lot of Tequestra Indians did fall prey to serious illnesses, including smallpox. Since the Indians had no resistance to foreign diseases of this type, many of them died after contracting smallpox or other illnesses. As well, the Tequestra Indians were in combat with the Calusa Indians, and repeated conflicts with this other tribe culled their numbers.

City "came into its own" during the 1920s and it has continued to grow and evolve through the decades.

Climate of city

This city is known for its mild climate - it's classified as having a tropical rain forest climate. In general, temperatures in city don't vary too much. Twelve months of the year, the city enjoys temperatures above sixty-five degrees Celcius. Monthly rainfall averages around two and a half inches. Most rain comes in the summertime. Rain in winter is much less common. The rainy summer season is nicknamed the "wet season" and it runs from late spring into fall, ending in October. This city does see its fair share of hurricanes. However, on balance, it provides a very nice climate to citizens and tourists most of the time.

Things to Do in the county seat of Broward County

This tourist city is set up to cater to visitors. In other words, although it measures just thirty-seven miles, it's loaded with amenities which will make visiting the area very pleasant. For example, just five miles from the airport, tourists may visit the FT Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center, which spans over 600 thousand feet. This ultra-modern convention center is situated near the scenic Intracoastal Waterway, and its glass fa├žade makes it a beautiful addition to the area.

City also has some gorgeous beaches - the most revered may be the Blue Wave beaches, which are remarkably unspoiled. Beach is also a great place to kick back and relax - or party. Suffice it to say that many Spring Breakers enjoy spending time on the city's lovely, white-sand beaches. However, municipality also offers peaceful tranquility to retirees (snow birds) and visitors who want a more low-key travel experience.

The city boasts plenty of museums, some of which celebrate the city's unique origins. If you're curious about the heritage of municipality, you shouldn't have any trouble finding information about it at the city's many museums and heritage sites. There are lots of websites which detail the hottest attractions in city. Your best bet is to visit these websites in order to access maps, accommodation options, as well as information about museums, shops, restaurants, nightlife and beaches.

Popular outdoor activities include snorkelling, swimming, fishing, hiking and people-watching. The perfect blend of natural beauty and modern amenities will be at your fingertips in city. In addition, this community is quite safe, as community leaders do all that they can to keep the area's crime rate low, so that tourists and residents alike feel safe and protected. Since district's economy is so reliant on tourism, law and order are strongly valued within this Florida community.

Resort hotels and cheaper motels abound in this area. This is why the region attracts tourists from all walks of life. Families, singles and groups enjoy discovering all that city has to offer, and many partake of "Everglades tours" in order to experience the waterways of the region, up close and personal. Sometimes, crocodiles and alligators make an appearance during such tours. During tours of the Everglades, tourists sit on airboats which are captained by professionals. These fast boats add high-octane excitement to tours!

The Best Ft. Lauderdale Attractions for Your Family Vacation

Why not visit principal city of the South Florida metropolitan area?

City is a great place to visit. This is why it continues to attract tourists each and every year. Now that you've learned more about the area and all that it offers, you may be tempted to go there yourself. If you do, you are not likely to be disappointed. This American city is really something special and it's the perfect place to enjoy sun-soaked beaches and warm, friendly people. However, you may wish to go during the winter months, as the rainy season happens in the summertime. When you plan your trip properly, you'll have a better chance of enjoying the sunshine that Florida is known for.

City has lots of charm, and it's also a gateway to plenty of other fun destinations within Florida State. So, why not plan a trip to this district today?