FLL Airport Parking

Just about every major airport offers a variety of parking options. When it comes to saving some money on these fees, especially if you are looking to have your car parked for an extended period of time, it is a matter of advanced planning. If you do not plan ahead, and just pay for parking on the spot, you will often be subject to their full normal rates, or sometimes higher charges depending on the season. Booking for Ft Lauderdale Airport Parking in advance can potentially save a lot of money, in some instances airports offer discounts of up to one-third of the normal costs for those who make arrangements ahead of time.

Bundling Services Can Include Parking

Many of the travel sites, such as Travelocity, Kayak, or Priceline, that have services centered around the concept of bundling and saving, often include packages and special rates on Ft Lauderdale Airport Parking as well other accommodations. Often times airports and local parking centers will offer discounted spaces to help fill out their lots, especially during the off season, and can help you save a lot versus last minute engagement. It is also helpful to check with the airport, and surrounding areas on Google, to see if there are lots in the area that are within walking distance of the airport. Sometimes it is still more cost effective to park a bit further off site and take a taxi, or shuttle to the airport.

Self Parking Saves

If you are going to be gone for a week or more, always use self parking. At almost every airport in the country you will find lower rates for self parking. Fort Lauderdale is no exception to this general rule of thumb. In addition to skipping valet services, open parking lots tend to be cheaper spots than covered sections. Fort Lauderdale airport parking rates can vary significantly from airport to airport. It is important to visit the website for each commercial airline and research their parking fees. For exampled, The Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, The Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, and the Fort Lauderdale International Airport are three of the major airports that service the area. Each of the maintains a website, and all three of them offer detailed information about their on site lots and rates. Each of them offers different parking options, but one thing that is unanimous when it comes to city airport parking rates, and that is valet service parking is always significantly more expensive and typically only for short term use.

Some Hotels Offer Parking Discounts

Many hotels in the area have partnered with one or more of the airports to offer discounts on parking for their patrons. If you are staying at a hotel near an airport and their is limited parking in the immediate hotel parking lot, or you prefer the safety of a guarded garage, ask about their discounted rates for guests. Often times the partnered discounts are listed through the individual hotel instead of being listed on the airport's website. If you really need, or want to get valet service with your parking, most of the time you can actually get it at a discounted rate if they hotel you are staying has a parking arrangement with the airport.

For The Really Frugal

The biggest reasons that people use airport parking is because they are either going on an extended trip and could not drive themselves, or did not want to leave their car unattended while out of town. When the latter is the case, there are often cheaper alternatives than using the airport parking lot. For those needing Fort Lauderdale airport parking accommodations, that are departing from the area and had to drive themselves in, family or friends may be the cheapest option. Almost anyone who has flown will tell you, getting taken to the airport is the best choice, especially for shorter trips. If you live near your friends or family, you can save on your parking costs by asking for their help. Most home owners and even those who live in rental units have parking space to spare. You can often offer them less than what an airport would charge for long term parking and still save quite a lot, if they even want anything for helping. The biggest benefit, beyond saving, is that your car can remain in the care of someone you trust and is still covered by your collision/comprehensive insurance in most cases, should something happen. Private parking with the help of friends and family can be the best way to save on storage costs for your vehicle while you are out of town. Sometimes you can even find local individuals or private services, through regional ads, that offer the same.