Apartments in Fort Lauderdale

So you've made the choice to move to Ft. Lauderdale? Great! It's a city that is filled with attractions, history, and fine dining. Searching for an apartment can be a bit confusing, though with how many areas, options, and amenities to consider.

Amenities - What do you really need?

The first thing you want to consider before choosing which of the many Fort Lauderdale Apartments are for you is whether you want an all inclusive apartment complex. Do you want to be able to walk right downstairs to go to the gym? Do you want to go swimming every day in the pool? Does the pool need to be indoors.

A lot of Ft. Lauderdale Apartments are like hotels. Very convenient locations to the city center, and it's just like living in a small town - almost everything is within walking distance. Just keep in mind that you will pay for all of these conveniences. Just like staying in a 5 star hotel will cost you more than a 3 or a 4, an apartment with a heated swimming pool will cost you more than one without one.

Where do you want to live?

Another consideration you want to make is what area of Ft. Lauderdale you want to live in. Most people want to be in the center of the city, but this also will cost a bit extra. You can live on the outskirts our suburbs of Fort Lauderdale for less money and less of the traffic that you'd experience by being in the heart of the city. Just be sure that you do some research of the area that you're thinking of living in. If the cost of the apartment is too low, this may be an indicator of the area that it's in. All cities have "good" and "bad" areas. It's always safer to avoid the latter, even if it does up the cost slightly.

Rent to Own or Rent?

Some people will be forever renters. There are a lot of benefits to renting one of the many Fort Lauderdale Apartments. The maintenance is taken care of, you don't have to have home owner's insurance, and you can easily upgrade/downgrade with the lease renewal. However, if you're looking to make more of an investment, you may want to consider making a rent to own deal. This is when you pay rent just as you world normally, but it goes towards a "mortgage" of sorts.

Privately owned or rental complex?

Just like the rent or rent to own decision, you want to think about what your preference is for renting from a private renter or a complex. You can sometimes find a rental or efficiency as part of a home that someone else owns. You can save money this way and avoid pesky "rental fees" that complexes will throw in. However, some people enjoy the convenience and safety of living in a rental complex. These usually have security and more amenities than a privately owned complex.

What can you afford?

It's easy to fall in love with the beauty of Ft. Lauderdale Apartments and then get yourself into a rental situation that you cannot afford. The best way to avoid making this mistake is to come up with what you can afford before you begin looking. There are many financial tools online that can be used to calculate how much you should limit your rent to based on income factors. By knowing how much you can afford beforehand, you can refine your search based on your budget rather than making apartments that are too expensive try to fit. Absolutely be clear on how much you can afford before the search starts.

Who Are The Neighbors?

This is one of the steps that many people forget to take into account. Especially when living in a rental complex. Make sure you ask the rental office who the neighbors are and if there are any logged complaints about them. This can save you from a lot of unnecessary nuisances. Rental leases are pretty iron clad to protect both you and the property owner, so make sure you know precisely what you're getting into before you sign that paperwork.

How long of a lease are you wanting?

The final thing you want to consider is how long of a lease you want. Don't sign on for more than what you want, even if they do offer you a discount. If you're not planning on staying 3 years, then don't sign the lease for that long. However, if you are planning on staying multiple years, it doesn't hurt to inquire about multi-year rent discounts. This can avoid drastic rental increases that can sometimes arise. Always take into consideration that life is unexpected and anything can happen, too!