Fort Lauderdale coast

Ft. Lauderdale Beach is one of America's favorite beaches. Not just for its Atlantic Coast view which naturally is a gem in itself, but also for the amount of family friendly activities that you can do from sun up to sun down.

Ft Lauderdale coast is located about 30 miles north of Miami Florida and sits on the Atlantic side of the state. The beach itself has over 7 miles of oceanfront and has activities ranging from watersports to fine dining. There's something to do for everyone in the family.

For everyone in the family

When traveling to Ft. beach, one of the first things you have to see is the beach itself. The white sandy beaches along the beautiful ocean are such a welcoming view.

Along the beach, there are strip malls available too. This is a super convenient amenity, especially when you need a bottle of water or a beach towel that you forgot at your hotel. Typical pizza shops and fast food joints line the promenade as well. No beach day would be complete without a nice order of fries.

For the Water Lover in the Family

After a day of sand castle building, sunbathing, and wave diving, you can enjoy some extreme water sports. We're not just talking typical waterskiing here, though that's absolutely available. You could also try your hand at parasailing, deep sea fishing, and Splash Sail Snorkeling. Fort Lauderdale coast is more than equipped for the water lover.

For The Cruise Lover in the Family

Fort Lauderdale beach has its share of day cruises. You can spend the day on the ship, enjoy shopping, drinking, and partaking in wonderful meals. Perhaps you just want to lay on the deck and sunbathe. That'll work too!

There are also sunset cruises where you can enjoy a romantic dinner by sunset and have a wonderful fine dining experience.

For the Hotel Lover in the Family

There's always one person in the family who just loves to stay in the hotel. They're usually not the one's fronting the bill! There are very affordable resort-level hotels on beach that will keep your guests entertained with concerts, pools, massages, shopping, etc. without leaving your wallet completely empty at the end.v

For The Nature Lover in the Family

For the one who loves alligators and adventure, beach offers a one-hour excursion through the Florida Everglades on an airboat. There's also an alligator show included. The nature lover will be more than pleased.

For The Little Girls At Heart

While this is about 10 miles (only 25 minutes) from coast, the Barbie Dreamhouse experience is worth mentioning for the little girl in your life. She's likely grown up with the fantastic girl made of plastic so seeing her life-sized dreamhouse and the smile on your little one's face may just be worth the 10 mile drive.

For The Family Friendly Family

Sometimes you just want to do things as a group. Ft. Lauderdale Beach is a great place for that. There are many restaurants like Peter Pan Restaurant (try the pancakes!) or Grandpa's Bakera (cupcakes galore) that will make everyone in the family completely happy.

For the Romantic Fine Dining Experience

For a night out in beach with your better half, you have endless options. A quick Google search will find whatever you need, but let us recommend Searfina, which is a beautifully decorated Italian restaurant. Or, for a little more fun, Mai-Kai restaurant and Polynesian show.

For the Shoppers

If Beaches are the number one thing that coast is good for, then shopping is number two. If you like to shop, you absolutely won't be at a loss. The Harbor Shops with their well known fountain have beautiful views and tons of shopping stores. Another tourist favorite is the Swap Shop which is a huge flea market.

Who can resists bags of 20 socks for $3?

Ft. Lauderdale coast is a beautiful place to vacation and the city itself is all inclusive. You won't have to travel very far for something creative to do, something delicious to eat, or a historic site to see.

The great thing about beach is that you can go for a romantic vacation, or take the entire family. As we've shown you, there is literally something for everyone to do. From fun in the sun to shopping experiences, there won't be a bored face in your group. You can expect to spend a little bit of money, but there are definitely bargains to be had if you look in the right place. After all, what's a vacation without a little dose of adventure? Ft. Lauderdale Beach should absolutely be a contender for your next getaway spot.