A Guide To The Best Ft. Lauderdale Cruises

Visiting a beach city like Ft. Lauderdale is hardly as exciting if you don't experience it to its fullest - that is, taking a cruise. Since the city sits right on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, cruises are not hard to come by. Here are some of the most noteworthy and must-try cruises when in town. If you think all Fort Lauderdale cruises are the same, then it's time to think again!

A Full Experience, All-Inclusive Cruise

The great thing about city being a beach local city is that a lot of big-name cruise lines depart from the city. Royal Caribbean and Carnival both dock right in city. You'll be treated like royalty from the moment you step on board and whether you're in it for the fine dining and cuisine, laying dockside and working on your tan, or relaxing at the spa, you're sure to find something that interests you. If you're looking for a longer term, all inclusive cruise experience then city is a great place to start. Before you bring the kids along, you'll just want to check and see if the cruise is kid-friendly. That is, are there activities that kids will enjoy and not be bored with. Some week-long cruises are suited for adults only.

Day Cruises - Less time on the sea, same amount of experience

Another option if you don't have the time or desire to hit the seas for a few days to a week's time on one of the larger Ft. Lauderdale cruises is to opt to take a day cruise. You can get most all of the amenities without the time commitment. Usually a day cruise is much cheaper too. And as you'll find below, it's not just a boat on the water for hours. There usually always is a boat, and it's on the water, but the adventures that are available are extremely exciting and sure to WOW any traveler.

Sawgrass Park - A Private Everglades Tour

When you think "Ft. Lauderdale Cruises" you might not think of alligators. But Sawgrass Park offers a one-of-a-kind experience on an airboat exploring the Florida Everglades. It's a private 60 minute guided tour of the everglades plus admission into the Sawgrass Recreation Park and Exotic Wildlife Exhibit. This is a very unique family-oriented day-cruise that will have everyone talking for many days afterward.

Jungle Queen Riverboat Dinner Cruise

On this 3-4 hour cruise you'll not only get to take in the breathtaking views, but you'll also get to experience a family style southern cuisine of all-you-can-eat shrimp and barbecue. The final stop is a secluded island where you'll see a variety show that'll have you grinning from ear to ear. But some of that may be residual from the amazing meal you had.

Ft Lauderdale Riverfront Tour Cruise

Ft Lauderdale cruises don't have to be all day to be amazing. This 90 minute cruise over crystal blue waters will give you a tour of some of the most expensive yachts and riverfront properties. Before the end of the tour you'll be wishing you were a resident of Millionaire's Row, for sure. It's a view that doesn't get old.

Ft. Lauderdale Family Pirate Cruise

This is one of the most unique of the city cruises. How many times can you say you've been on a pirate ship? This cruise takes you along the Intercoastal Waterway where you'll set the high seas for an adventure. You'll use on board cannons to save the day, and all of the wee-passengers will get some goodies at the end of the cruise. Parents and older passengers will enjoy the gorgeous views and expensive yachts.

Key West Snorkeling Day Trip

This one will require a little bit of travel time, so it'll be a full-day tip. At about a 3 hour commute from city, you'll want to set aside a day or two for this worthwhile adventure. Whether you're an old snorkeling pro or are looking to sprout new wings (err...fins?), the Key West Snorkeling trip will be a fun-filled day. The cruise itself is 3 hours, 1 of which will be spent snorkeling.

Regardless of whether you want to hit the waters for a few days or a few hours, city is a great starting point for a variety of different cruises. From traditional Carnival cruises where you enjoy days on the Caribbean seas, to night tours of Alligator Everglades, you certainly have a vast amount of choices to exercise your inner sea-captain. You can even be a pirate for a day. When you're planning on taking advantage of one of the Fort Lauderdale cruises, just be sure to purchase your tickets in advance to make sure you don't experience a sold-out trip.