City of Lauderhill, FL

Located in Broward County, Florida, the City of Lauderhill was originally called Sunnydale and was founded on June 20th in 1959. Although this city is small, consisting of only 8.6 square miles, the population has boomed to 66,887 residents as of February 2010. While there are a great many things that make Lauderhill stand out among other small cities in Florida, the city possesses a rich history and a love for the arts like no other city in Southern Florida.


The history of the city is an interesting one and while there are numerous fun facts, the best one has to be how the city got its name. Herbert Sadkin was the Founding Father of Lauderhill and had originally gave the city the name of Sunnydale, after having a conversation with one of his dearest friends, a New York Times journalist by the name of William Safire, Herbert Sadkin chose to change the name. The story of this exchange states that Safire thought the name Sunnydale sounded more like a neighborhood you would find in Brooklyn and not Southern Florida. Since Sadkin knew of Safire's love for word play, he retorted that there were no hills in the area. Safire came back with the lack of dales in Lauderdale. Through this simple conversation the name Lauderhill was coined and it has been that way ever since.


Location is a huge benefit to the City of Lauderhill as they are neatly tucked in the middle of 3 international ports, 3 international airports, as well as just a few minutes way from Interstate 95, the Florida Turnpike, and the Sawgrass Expressway. This makes traveling easy for Lauderhill's residents as well as providing them the best location for the businesses that are located within city limits. Not only are the ports and airports excellent for tourism, the easy access into and out of town makes it easy for tourists to come and go with ease. The city even encourages new businesses to come to the city for relocation, expansion, or establish themselves here which provides jobs for Lauderhill residents.

Changes and Development

There are many changes and development that are still happening in the City of Lauderhill as it is still going through a few firsts that many other cities have already passed. Since this city is so young, there may even be a few growing pains with the economy that may need to be worked out as time continues on. However the changes that are occurring seem almost old fashioned compared to other cities and current officials in the positions of leadership don't intend to let fate decide whether the city thrives or fails. This can easily be seen in the various events that are occurring in the months to come.

Major Attractions

Major attractions to the city include the beautiful beaches and the major league sports teams such as the Miami Dolphins and the Miami Heat. And if you are a big fan of Jackie Gleason, then you may already know that big star of The Honeymooners and Smokey and the Bandit passed away in Lauderhill on February 26th in 1987, While there are many other reasons you may be visiting the city, you should also look into the arts and culture of the area to gain a better understanding of the people who live in this amazing city.

Getting Involved

One of the best parts of the city is the ability you have to get involved in your neighborhood through clubs, events, and other activities. Some of the clubs that will available to join include a chess club as well as a Scrabble club. There are also fun activities for children such as youth camps, youth sports, and so much more. You will also find many adult sports and even activities for seniors to keep them busy throughout their retirement. You'll even find volunteer work that you can participate in and help with other community projects that will allow you to help take care of your community.

For anyone who is interested in either moving their family or their business to the City of Lauderhill, or maybe even settling down in this wonderful town to make a life or establish their business, will notice that Lauderhill is the perfect place to call home. While they are a larger city, they try to provide a sense of community for their residents as well as support new businesses to encourage the growth of the city. Even though the city will continue to go through a few growing pains due to its youthfulness in comparison to other surrounding cities, the city will continue to grow and thrive while treating its residents like family.