Miramar, Florida

The city does not directly sit on the water, but its name is roughly translated from Spanish as, "Look at the Sea." In 2010, the city's population was over 122,000 residents, and is the home headquarters of several major corporations.

Education and Sports Facilities

Miramar houses a total of eleven elementary schools, along with three middle schools and two high schools. In addition to these, there are a number of other private schools as well as schools for those with special needs, allowing parents a wide range of options for their children.

Higher education schools are also located within the Miramar. These schools include DeVry University, Strayer University, Broward College and the University of Phoenix and others. The wide range of schooling opportunities means that everyone, from children to college students and adults can find resources to receive the education they wish.

Also featured are a large number of parks. 22 neighborhood parks exist alongside ten community parks and one regional park. Facilities are available at all of these locations for sports of all types from baseball and football to soccer, handball tennis and even cricket. Jogging, swimming and track & field activities can also take place at Miramar's parks.

The city of Miramar prides itself in being family-oriented, and city staff organize activities for families on a year-round basis. Everyone from young children to senior citizens are represented in the city's activities. Programs such as the city's "Start Smart" program teaches children, from three to five years old, basic athletic skills,

City Classes and Programs

Besides the range of sports offerings within the city, Miramar also hosts a number of classes aimed at the local community. Focusing mainly on the arts, these classes are also available to anyone. Lessons in arts and crafts, dance, drama and theater. There are also educational programs for children and adults which involve learning about computers, the Internet and tutoring in various subjects.

Martial arts classes from Takewodo to Judo and Aikido can be attended to teach both the arts of self-defense and personal expression. As with the other programs, these classes can range from children to adults.

The Arts

The Miramar Cultural Centre features a theater for the performing arts, as well as an art gallery that is situated next to City Hall in Miramar City Center. The theater has an 800 seat capacity and hosts various concerts and other live performances throughout the year. It also features a banquet hall which can be rented for various private or corporate events, and two art galleries to display the work of established artists.

Also within walking distance of the cultural center, you can find the main city library, along with various shops and restaurants in the city center area.

The City of Miramar, Florida is a small city, but the facilities available to residents of the area make it an excellent place to raise your family. From educational institutions to city-run facilities and programs and a center for the arts,Federal Credit Union, you are sure to find something to satisfy everyone.