Miramar Cultural Arts Center

Do you love the arts? Then you should take a look at Miramar Cultural Center in Miramar, Florida. With its wide variety of arts based facilities and productions that will captivate your mind and leave you in awe. This beautiful building was created to provide the community of Miramar a place to express their artistic talents and learn about various forms of art. Located in the town's center, the cultural centre is centrally located for easy access as well as the best location to be enjoyed by all of Miramar's residents and those who just want to enjoy the arts from other locations as well.

About Miramar Cultural Center

The cultural centre is essentially an arts park, it has been dedicated to providing a home for a variety of cultural arts as well as a place to learn and enjoy them. There are many masterpieces in and around the center that have been provided a permanent home here to not only showcase the talent of the artists who created these pieces but to share with the city of Miramar and Broward County as a whole.

This awe inspiring building houses many different facilities that allow it to effectively showcase and teach the arts to those who enjoy them. The cultural centre possesses class rooms, rehearsal halls, dance studios, a full service kitchen, banquet halls, 2 art galleries, a botanical garden, and so much more. However this cultural arts center would not be complete without the 800 seat theater that allows for every performer to enjoy the full effects of a full house. This amazing cultural arts center would not have been possible if not for the help of Broward County and many other benefactors who have assisted in not only helping get the cultural arts center off of the ground but keep it as the shining beacon that it is for the arts.

How to Spend a Day at the Miramar Cultural Center?

If you intend to visit the Cultural Center and Arts Park, why not make a day of it? You can take time to visit the main library, a few shops and restaurants, and maybe even take a detour to the fitness center. There are so many things you can do to enjoy your time at the cultural arts center such as listen to a lecture, take a leisurely stroll in the gardens and galleries, and maybe even watch a performance. There are even classes that you can sign up for that will give you the ability to take your time exploring the center and really take in the amazing masterpieces that reside here.

Educational Opportunities

There are many classes that you can attend at the cultural centre that are designed for both children and adults. The goal of these classes is to introduce those who are interested in the arts and inspire them to be not only creative but expressive in many different ways. You can take a class in dance or music with one of the many visiting instructors, or you can attend the summer camp which will keep children busy throughout the summer months and allow them to enjoy themselves on stage. There are even volunteer opportunities that will allow you to get involved with the arts yourself and help show others how amazing the arts can be.

Summer Camp

The summer camp at the cultural centre is the shining jewel of the educational programs that are offered at this arts park. This program was designed to provide children of all ages the best place to find their own unique artistic talents and showcase them for all of the community to see. Not only will children who attend this summer camp be able to learn music through singing and playing various musical instruments, they can also learn dance, acting, the creation of visual arts, the ins and outs of stage makeup, and be able to learn from various guest artists. Not only does the summer camp provide a place for kids to learn, it also allows parents who work through the summer months to rest easy that their children are enjoying themselves and learning new things about the arts in a safe environment.


Whether your taste in the arts is visual or performance style, you will certainly find something to enjoy at the cultural arts center. With so many opportunities to learn as well as grow and even the ability to volunteer to help your community, it is certainly worth taking a look around. You may even want to consider looking into some of the many performances that are coming up this year at the cultural centre, as there are many guest performers who are waiting to show you what this cultural center is all about and the abilities that it possesses.