Regional Park

Miramar Regional Park is located only 1 mile down Miramar Parkway, west of I-75, this 173 acre park possesses many amenities that are not only exciting but extremely enjoyable for the community. The best part about this park is that it will only continue to improve as there is a 10 year plan to make it even more enjoyable for those who intend to visit it. You will not only be able to enjoy all of the amenities and scenery but also the many other activities that occur regularly in the park. So why not enjoy your time outdoors and visit the city park?


There will be many changes that will occur over the next 10 years at Miramar Park, each of these changes will take place in phases to provide even more excitement and possibilities to the area. The goal of many parks is to get people outdoors in nice weather to enjoy their day while being active, and this park certainly does that and so much more as it enhances the lives of the people within the Miramar community. Things such as parks and playing fields will allow everyone, no matter what age, to enjoy themselves while being active outdoors.

Phase 1

The first phase that has been completed to city park already adds so much more to the area as well as more activities for people to enjoy. This phase consists of 4 football or soccer fields, 2 cricket grounds, and 2 playgrounds as well as 5 pavilions that are available for rent, 3 large, 1 medium, and 1 corporate. The pavilions are great for corporate events, birthdays, family gatherings, and picnics so you can enjoy your day at Regional Park with the people you enjoy spending time with. There are also other additions to the phase 1 changes to the park, such as 2 full basketball courts, 1 volley ball court, an area for art exhibits.

Phase 2

The second phase of the Miramar Park enhancements are even bigger and better than the previous as they have added 2 baseball or softball fields, 2 more soccer fields, as well as the Aquatic Complex which will allow you to stay cool while being active. There is even a water playground that is interactive and resemble that of the one found on Castaway Island at TY Park, as well as beaches that are part of the complex as well. But that is not all, the Aquatics Complex would not be complete without a pool, this pool has not only lanes but a diving well also that will allow any practice intensive swimmer to get their workouts in, even if school is out for the summer.

Future Phases

Other phases that will occur for city park include even more fun and activities for the whole family. There are plans for more baseball or softball fields, as well as pavilions, lit tennis courts, and even a boating dock that will have paddle boats and canoes. The plan is to have as many activities as possible for the community to enjoy all year long and help to get young people more active in their daily lives. Other plans include hosting regional tournaments for both adults and youth baseball and softball leagues to allow the community to enjoy games and keep up with how their teams are doing throughout the season.

City Art

Miramar possesses 3 city art locations that are thanks to Broward County Cultural Division's Public Art & Design Program and will allow the community to enjoy the arts in various different places. One of these locations is at Miramar Regional Park. Not only is this exhibit fun and full of information, it is quite a sight to see as it consists of a path around a crescent shaped inlet as well as stones and plaques. This exhibit specifically was made by Mags Harries and Lajos Heder who are renowned artists in the area and were commissioned to create the piece in the park.

Other Activities

Another wonderful set of activities that you will be able to enjoy at the Miramar Park are a variety of classes. These classes may consist of anything from exercise to group activities that you can enjoy throughout the year when they are accepting new students. It is best to check the park's website to find more information about these classes as well as information on where you can sign up.

There are many activities that will also be coming to the Miramar Park that you should keep an eye out for such as sporting events, team signups, and so much more. With the number of activities that are taking place right now, there is no reason to hide indoors. Join people within your community to get a breath of fresh air and enjoy your day.