Miramar Town Center Is A Legitimate "City Within a City"

Back in 2010, a multimillion dollar plan to restructure Miramar Town Center in Miramar, Florida was introduced. The plan promised to provide housing, office space, retail space, and a cultural experience for locals and visitors alike.

Fast forward a few years and the plan didn't stop there. You can go almost anywhere in America and find city centers that provide living and shopping amenities. But center of a town took it many steps more.

Literally, center of a town is a city within a city. It boasts a library, seats for higher education, and a transportation hub. That, along with its upscale apartments, rental offices, and retail spaces make it so that visitors will have more than enough access to the space and residents hardly have to leave the comfort of the center for anything they would need.

Another great feature is the landscape - lined in palm trees - which give the area a very Floridian, cultural feel. Employees and visitors will enjoy the fact that there is an overwhelming amount of free parking. That's something that's hard to come by.

Space Summary:

There will be 175,000 square feet of retail space. This will be everything from shopping stores, boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. In addition, there will be about 500 residential spaces available. All of Miramar's city offices will be housed within the town center and another 50,000 square feet of office spaces.

Residential Space Available:

With the Mediterranean look to the entire center of a town, potential residents will undoubtedly have a unique experience no matter where they decide to live in the center. They will get to choose between 3 story townhomes that have 4 bedrooms, or condos that will be right about the boutique retail spaces. The entrepreneurial person will also thrive as there will be the option to live and work in the same area. You could ideally have your business thriving on one floor and have your gorgeous home right upstairs. Talk about convenience.

Activities At The Town Center:

Dating as far back as 2007, the town center would host activities for the community. Whether it was a Sunday Brunch around Easter or a movie night, even the well-known Miramar Pageants, there was always something to do. With such an upgraded space to host such events, this isn't likely to put a damper on activities or planning at all. If anything, the activities will only grow. Plus, there's plenty of shopping, eating, and wandering to do in the Promenade!

Canal Street

Some of the most beautiful and picturesque photos come from the great canals of the world. center of a town wanted to capture this feeling and put it right in the middle of the action. Canal Street will enable visitors and residents to walk along the water and enjoy a peaceful oasis that many travel overseas to experience.

The Clubhouse

What community is complete without a clubhouse? At an impressive 5700 square feet, the clubhouse is three levels and has a fitness room, a party hall with a full kitchen, and even more soothing, a lagoon style pool. The clubhouse will provide Miramar Town Center residents with amazing facilities that are within walking distance from their homes.

The features that the new town center boasts are more than impressive. While they're going for the feel of a city within a city, it's almost as if they could coin it as resort style living. With all of the beauty of a Mediterranean paradise without losing the much sought out Florida feel, residents will feel like they're on vacation every single day.

The retail spaces will not only provide activities and convenience for shopping, but will create an abundance of new jobs. Having the city town hall, Police Headquarters, and public service all within walking distance is another appeal.

With all of its features, center of a town lives very little to be desired. It even will have a transportation hub which will allow those who don't live on site to easily commute right into the center.

Vacationers and visitors will also undoubtedly visit the town center to enjoy the busy shopping during the day and the cafes, music, and ambience at night. It has the around the clock action that makes it almost like the city that won't sleep, but also the peaceful serenity of being "at home".

Whether you're a resident of the town center, an employee of the town center, or simply just visiting, you will be treated to a unique, upscale, beautiful experience that you won't be likely to forget. This is one project where the money has been put to good use, and you don't have to spend much time wondering where it went. It will absolutely be a tourist attraction and home sweet home for many years to come.