Restaurants in Pembroke Pines, FL

While there are many reasons that you will want to go out to eat, it is sometimes difficult to find just the right places or decide where you want to go. If you are visiting Pembroke Pines, then you will most definitely want to know what places are good and which ones to avoid. There are hundreds of places for you to choose from, but here are the Pembroke Pines restaurants that hit our list of top 8.

#8: Blue Ginger

Are you craving authentic Japanese cuisine? Then Blue Ginger is the place to go. They have a wide variety of Sushi and Sashimi to choose from between $2-6 per order, a variety of soups, salads, and many other amazing dishes. Customers have rated Blue Ginger 4.5 stars and have a wide range of things to say about this Pembroke Pines restaurant. One customer said the veggies in the sushi could have been fresher, however the location and presentation is excellent. Another customer had an amazing experience as the food was delicious and the salads were very fresh, and the sake was to die for. Other customers have commented on the amazing cleanliness of the Blue Ginger and that all the food is made to order ensuring the freshness.

#7: Supunnahong

Do you love Thai food, then this restaurant won't let you down. Supunnahong has an excellent reputation for fresh food and is a Pembroke Pines favorite among Thai food lovers. This restaurant is rated at 4.5 stars and all the reviews are raving about how amazing they are as well as their fair prices. You can choose from a variety of appetizers that are either spicy or not, soups and salads, even vegetarian. The possibilities are endless at Supunnahong and there is certainly something for everyone.

#6: Mezes Greek Taverna

The name says it all with this restaurant as they serve up some of the best Greek food around. They are rated at 4-stars but have many loyal customers that attend this amazing restaurant just for the authentic food. Whether you are in the mood for souvlaki, salad, or traditional plates of amazing Greek food, you cannot pass up a chance to visit Mezes Greek Taverna. Reviewers have raved about this restaurant and their satisfaction with not only the food but also the amazing service they have received.

#5: Shinju Japanese Buffet

For those who are new to Japanese cuisine should try the all you can eat buffet at Shinju Japanese Buffet. This will not only allow you to try many different dishes, but you will most certainly not be leaving hungry. Reviews say that they ensure that all of their food is fresh and even though the sizes of these items are a little on the small side, it is all you can eat and rather inexpensive making it a must visit on our top 8 Pembroke Pines restaurants.

#4: Ruchi Indian Restaurant

Out of all the Indian restaurants in city, the Ruchi Indian Restaurant is the absolute best. Customers say that they are the best for their comfort foods, and cost between $9 and $17 per person. Even customers who have visited that are either visiting or have moved here from India say that they have the best authentic comfort foods and have the best food in all of Florida. Even the owner has replied to more than a few of these reviews and thanking reviewers for their kind and amazing words.

#3: Los Tacos

Are you in the mood for nothing but authentic Mexican food? Los Tacos has been called a wide variety of things, excellent, amazing, tasty, and so much more. As the best Mexican food offered by restaurants, customers even urge people to stop and visit Los Tacos in their reviews. They say their prices are perfect and their portions are large.

#2: Sosta Cafe & Panini

Italian food has never been as amazing or as authentic as when you visit Sosta Cafe & Panini. Customers call this place the best out of all Italian Pembroke Pines restaurants and comment on the freshness and deliciousness of the food. The menu consists of a wide variety of authentic foods and many sites highly recommend it to anyone who finds themselves an Italian food enthusiast.

#1: Vaniglia e Cioccolato

While many restaurants serve dessert, you cannot complete any night on the town without making a stop at Vaniglia e Cioccolato. They have the best dessert around for miles and the ice cream has been called phenomenal. Many travelers have even compared their Gelato to that of what you get in Italy which is the greatest compliment that you can ever hope to receive.