Coral Springs Restaurants

Coral Springs in the northwestern portion of Broward County in the State of Florida. It is West of Pompano Beach and northwest from the County seat of Fort Lauderdale. The city is the product of a master-plan that was laid out in early 1960s. Through the 70s, 80s, and 90s the young city grew rapidly, and now is home to over 120,000 residents that can enjoy a strict coding system that was designed to preserve the aesthetic appeal of the city. With so many residents and many more visitors, there has to be somewhere for them all to eat. Hungry people in the area have a dizzyingly large array of eateries from which to choose. Hopefully, this article can help you choose a great place to have your meal in this beautiful area of Florida. Enjoy some of these options for satiating your hunger while you drink in the beautiful city around you.

How this List Works

These restaurants will be pulled from sites that rate restaurants from diners' reviews. There should be little influence from the restaurants themselves, so there will be an impartial as far as the businesses themselves are concerned. Most eateries will talk the talk, but this list is of restaurants that walk the walk in giving their customers a dining experience that was enjoyable. These items are listed in no particular order. They are here because their customers have given high feedback that makes each restaurant worthy of further business, making all of these restaurants in Coral Springs equally worthy of a visit.

Cherry Smash

This is a very well-reviewed place to snag a sweet treat. Don't go when you are looking for a full meal, but save this treat when you want something to quell your sweet tooth. A great atmosphere for a retro ice cream parlor is one of the chief features that reviewers note.

Falafel Bistro and Wine Bar

The food is billed as Mediterranean, and many reviewers draw attention to the top-notch middle-eastern selections. This is a great place for people that observe a vegetarian diet, or just want a high quality meal that is a bit on the healthier side. An attractive wine list augments the experience for many that visit, and the falafel is lauded as the best in the area.

Rosedale Brick Oven

If you have a desire for and Italian dinner or a great pizza, this may be the place you'll end up. This is a casual, family oriented restaurant that delivers quality Italian entrees. The pizza is praised as outstanding by those that enjoy NY style pizza, and even picky NY visitors pass approval of the restaurant's Italian dishes.

Big Bear Brewing Co

BBBC is an American cuisine restaurant that has a jovial pub atmosphere, but isn't too raucous for families to enjoy the atmosphere and have a conversation over dinner. BBBC is usually pretty busy, and is especially so on the weekend, so you may want to use call-ahead seating to make sure you don't have a long wait-time. They sport a great selection of beers, and even offer a beer sampler to make sure that you will have a nice beer with dinner that you will enjoy.

Rock N Roll Ribs

This restaurant is owned by the drummer from Iron Maiden. If you want a high-dining experience, you will want to look elsewhere. This is a fun barbecue joint, and doesn't suffer from the pretentiousness that some restaurants do. Iron Maiden memorabilia and ambient rock and metal music could turn off people that want a subdued atmosphere, but the restaurant delivers on its main purpose: the barbecue selections are amazing. If you happen to love barbecue and rock music, you should definitely give this place a shot.

Khana Kh'zana

When you are in the mood for some Indian food, there really is not anything else that will satisfy your desire. If Indian food is what you want, Khana Kh'zana is your Coral Springs restaurant. This small restaurant does large volumes of take-out, and only has a small dining room with seven tables. Don't go in looking for stellar presentations. Food comes in the restaurant as it would for takeout, in a tin. The food is what has made this tiny place such a hit, so you can't fault them for keeping the presentation simple. If you can't tolerate spicy foods, you can even customize the spice level on any dish from one to ten.

Gyromania Grill

A good gyro can be a hard thing to find sometimes. A bad gyro is even worse than not getting a good gyro to calm your craving. If you are looking for gyros, you can be sure to get what you want at Gyromania Grill. This place is casual and inexpensive. It's not very swanky, but all the food is prepared to order and is of high quality. Don't be put off by the people that describe it as "upscale fast food", the food is fresh and the meals satisfy at a good price.