Broward County Clerk of Court Information


If ever you find yourself looking for important information about just about anything in the county, the odds are pretty fantastic that you’ll want to speak with the Broward County Clerk of Courts (currently one Mr. Howard Forman) to see how they’ll be able to help you out.

Responsible for maintaining and providing access to all of the public records of the county (dating back more than 40 years), the the county officeman of Courts is responsible for overseeing the entire clerks Office of Broward County and making sure that things are running just as smoothly as humanly possible.

Most of the information that the county officeman of Courts can provide you with or can connect you with is going to be immediately accessible just by visiting their website, but if you need a more personal touch and would like to take advantage of the services of a officeman of Courts office administrator, do not hesitate to contact them at your earliest convenience to get the help that you require.

What exactly is the county Clerk of Courts responsible for?

Most people are aware of the fact that every single county here in Florida (and just about every single municipality in the United States) is responsible for the collection of and securing of public information, public documents, and public details that are to be made accessible to each and every citizen of that county order that area.

Well, the man (or woman) in charge of this project is designated the county clerk of courts here in Broward county, and it just so happens that Mr. Howard Forman – a veteran of community service in the county – is and has been in the officeman of Courts for some time.

Responsible for making sure that public records remain exactly that – publicly accessible to everyone – while at the same time put in charge of the storage and acquisition of these documents and details, you’ll find that the office of the clerk of courts is working for regularly to make sure that the population stays informed and always has the access that they require.