General Information

General Inmate Search Information


If ever you should find yourself in the position of needing to conduct a county inmate search or a search for an arrest made in Broward County, the Broward Sheriff’s Office (led by Sheriff Scott Israel) has made the process rather simple and straightforward.

Not only is it possible for you to contact the local sheriff’s department for information about a recent arrest or jail processing move, but it’s also possible for you to visit the Broward County Sheriff’s Department website (at and conduct a county inmate search and arrest record check up 100% free of charge through their online platform.

The process repeat doesn’t get any easier than this, and the ability to look up this kind of information is available to everyone and anyone that visits the site.

It’s an important tool in helping people connect to those close to them that have been processed through the county Sheriff’s Department, and in even more important tool for those that need to reach out and contact in inmate in one of the four major county detention facilities that they may not otherwise have the ability to get a hold of.