Broward County Sheriff’s Department


The largest of all the fully accredited sheriff’s departments in the United States, the county Sheriff’s Department currently employs more than 5800 employees (including 3100 deputies and more than 600 firefighters) and is responsible for law enforcement and fire responsibilities all throughout Broward County, Florida.

Broward County is one of the largest counties in the US as well, spanning a significant portion of the Southeast of Florida. Some of the major cities that county calls their own include Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding metropolitan area, and it closely borders Miami-Dade County – with county Sheriff Department officials regularly lending a helping hand to the sheriffs in that region, and vice versa.

Commonly referred to as the BSO (mostly by the media, but also by those 5800 employees of the county Sheriff office), this police force generally enjoys a positive relationship with the public that it is responsible for protecting – though the office has not been completely free and clear of controversy (especially as of late).