Your company is in need of one or many engineers with the right qualifications and skills. You are looking for the candidates with solid technical background and a good track record. How can you find the right engineers? There are different types of engineers specializing in the fields of civil, software, chemical, architecture, mechanical and automotive, among others. Following information provides a general overview of hiring an engineer from any of these fields.

Engineering Staffing

Do your homework well before approaching a recruiting agency for hiring engineers. You will be hiring a high value employee so prepare the job brief carefully. First, list all the necessary technical qualifications and skills the candidate must have. Next, add other requirements the candidate can have but is not mandatory to have. Take help of an experienced staffing agency team to draft your engineer recruitment job brief. You will avoid missing critical details and your staffing engineering job listing will comply with the local employment laws.

Engineering Staffing 2

Work Experience

All companies prefer staffing experienced engineers but sometimes hiring a fresh recruit is not a problem. If you are looking for an engineer with solid work experience, look for experience in the reputable companies. The candidate must have verifiable references. The work experience record reveals whether a candidate is a frequent job hopper and not suitable for your company. Engineers with apprenticeship or junior role experience may be the right candidates for temporary staffing. You can keep your staffing and project costs down. An engineer staffing firm helps you find all such candidates quickly and easily.

Excellent Interpersonal Communication Skills

While these skills are needed in candidates applying for any job, you have to decide the levels of these skills acceptable to you. Some professionals are introvert and face difficulty in a team environment. It does not necessarily mean these candidates are not suitable for all types of engineering jobs. There is no problem hiring such candidates for backend and office based engineering projects. You need a team person if the job involves working with lots of team members, managing one or many teams, interacting with different departments, and dealing with the clients. When staffing engineer for a senior position, you need a professional who can work independently and take charge of the whole project.

Cultural Fit

This thing is difficult to determine from an engineer’s CV. It can be assessed only after talking to the candidate. Be ready with the questions that you would like to ask for this assessment. Will the candidates fit into your organization after coming from a company that has a different work culture? Invite the final listed candidate to interact with your organization’s team members who will be working with that person. Take into account their opinions after this interaction. Now you will have all information with you to make an informed decision. Make the final offer if the candidate meets all the job criteria.

The Importance of an Engineer Recruiting Firm in This Recruitment Process

Filling the lower post vacancies is easy but recruiting engineers is not as simple as placing an ad in the job listing website. Staffing engineers becomes easy if most of the initial candidate selection works are handled by a team of professional HR experts who have experience of recruiting engineers. The engineer employment agency vets the candidates and provides you a small list of most suitable candidates. Engineering staffing process becomes easier if you have to interview only a small number of shortlisted and verified candidates.

Be ready to answer some questions posed by the candidate during the final interview. You need support of a temp staffing firm if you are hiring engineers for a short term government or private project. There are contract, contract-to-hire and direct hire engineering jobs. The services of an engineer recruiting agency are invaluable for companies of all sizes operating in any industry. It reduces your staffing and recruitment expenses significantly.